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Trust and Custody Online Services

Trust Portfolio Reporting offers an intuitive way to manage your trust and custody reporting needs.

  • View current and historical account information to help manage and reconcile your accounts.
  • Easily run cash, asset, transaction, performance, and portfolio analytics reports on demand.
  • Create, save, and share customized reports and data.
  • View, print, and save reports in several convenient formats.
  • Use the Scheduled Reports function to automatically generate your most frequently used reports.
  • Initiate and approve cash transfers between Wells Fargo custody and commercial checking accounts.
  • Qualified customers can submit requests for execution of marketable domestic equity, fixed income, and mutual fund trades.

Trust Information Delivery provides convenient access to your Wells Fargo trust statements and reports.

  • Receive financial and benefits information.
  • Access information the day it is processed.
  • Accumulate up to seven years of historical statements and reports.

Retirement Plan Payments helps you manage your qualified and nonqualified plan distributions.

  • Make new—or modify existing—pension or benefit payments.
  • Process one-time lump sum distributions including direct rollovers, taxable distributions, and distributions involving stock or loans.
  • Download a template to transmit new payments or payment changes by Excel spreadsheet.
  • Review and approve benefits transactions prior to sending them to Wells Fargo.
  • View up to three years of payment history.
  • Create and save standard and customized reports.