TradeXchange is our online trade service for managing letters of credit (L/Cs) and documentary collections.
TradeXchange lets you:
  • Receive export L/Cs and advices.
  • Prepare documents using your export L/C data.
  • Prepare and send new import L/C applications and amendments.
  • Upload purchase order data to import L/C applications and amendments.
  • Create direct collection instructions and drafts.
  • Receive email alerts on a wide number of events, such as new L/Cs issued, L/C documents presented, and drawing discrepancies.
  • Manage documentary collections and outstanding import and export L/Cs.
  • Track L/C and documentary collection transactions.
  • Create and download L/C and documentary collection reports in a variety of formats.
  • Receive and respond to import collection presentations.
  • Retrieve and view shipping document images.

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Export Letters of CreditShow Details

Receive export letters of credit (L/Cs) and L/C amendments in SWIFT formats over the Internet; prepare documents, and more with our TradeXchange Export Letters of Credit service. Online balance reports and records of new L/Cs help you manage and track exports, as well as expedite your overseas shipments and payments.

Features and benefits

  • Multi-office coordination. Coordinate your operations and manage your shipping process with multi-office access to important bank documents such as L/Cs and L/C amendments – through controlled access or quick download and email.
  • Reduced paperwork and time savings. View and print export L/C documents, request L/C transfers, initiate assignment notices for L/C drawing proceeds, receive drawing discrepancy notices, and make L/C drawing decisions.
  • Online document preparation. Automatically upload L/C data using online document templates. Download L/C documents and forward them to third parties providing logistic services.
  • Email notification. You’ll receive notifications immediately when the bank receives time-sensitive documents, such as L/Cs, L/C amendments, and drawing discrepancy notices.
  • Comprehensive database and reporting features. Create your own database of importers. Manage your export transactions with a range of reports, including Acceptance and Deferred Payment Maturity Date reports. Download and archive data.
  • Up-to-date balance and history records. Track L/C payments and amendments with up-to-date reports. Access L/C balances whenever you need them, such as when an amendment is received or a payment is made.

Import and Standby Letters of CreditShow Details

Create and send import and standby letter of credit (L/C) applications and L/C amendment applications online with TradeXchange Import Services. Our online trade services will help you manage your international business more effectively.
To sign up or learn more, contact your relationship manager or banker today.

Features and benefits

  • Easy-to-create templates. Create L/C applications and amendments with easy-to-use templates, eliminating the need to fill out and submit lengthy paper forms. Store templates to avoid recreating L/C applications and amendments.
  • Inclusion of PO data. Upload purchase order (PO) data and use customized templates and automatically entered L/C data to create import L/C applications.
  • Email notification. Email notifications of L/C document presentations, drawing discrepancies, and the receipt of bank documents help you manage your cash flow and import L/C transactions.
  • Faster processing. Request L/Cs online and avoid the usual mail and courier pick-up delays. L/C applications are sent electronically using strong online security.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities. Benefit from a range of management reports that provide an audit trail of all your L/C transactions.
  • Support for multi-office operations. Main and outlying offices can access important L/C information either through controlled access or a quick download and email process, allowing you to support all members of your organization.
  • Currency flexibility. Issue import L/Cs in U.S. dollars or foreign currency.
  • Single and dual control modes. Set up the service according to your company's security policies, separating data entry and authorization functions among your employees.

Documentary CollectionsShow Details

Create direct collection instructions and drafts online for prompt delivery of your shipping documents to overseas buyers using our TradeXchange Export Services. Our online trade services reduce the number of days in the collection process while giving you control over collection transactions.
To sign up or learn more, contact your relationship manager or banker today.

Features and benefits

  • Rapid document creation and delivery. Use stored data to create collection instructions and drafts. Then deliver your drafts, collection instructions, and shipping documents by courier to the collecting bank.
  • Convenient tracking. As soon as direct collection instructions are approved, the transaction details are automatically transmitted to the bank for tracking and payment processing.
  • Full access from any office location. Remote offices can access documentary collection documents, payment data, and reports at any time.
  • Email notification. Receive email notification for new debit or credit advices.
  • Easy-to-use research tools. Search and sort information by your reference number, bank reference, and buyer or seller names.
  • Downloadable reports and data. Download documentary collection documents, reports, and bank documents to your company PC.
  • Secure method to receive payments and documentary collection data. Communications are encrypted with a 128-bit key to keep your data confidential.
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