CEO Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Wells Fargo Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) portal?

The Wells Fargo Commercial Electronic Office® portal offers a single point of access to a variety of financial services for businesses. The CEO portal provides online access to your services from work, home, or the road. Advanced security helps protect the confidentiality of your account information.

What kinds of online services do you offer?

The CEO portal offers more than 60 online services, including cash management, credit, foreign exchange, trade services, health benefit services, and trust and investment services.

Who can access the CEO portal?

Only authorized users can access the CEO portal. During the enrollment process, your company selects authorized users

What is "single sign-on"?

"Single sign-on" means that you only need to sign on once to access all the financial services you use on the CEO portal. An additional security credential may be required for certain functions, such as wires or self-administration.


Is my information on the CEO portal secure?

Wells Fargo uses several levels of security to help protect the confidentiality of your account information:

  • Access to the CEO portal requires multiple sign on identifiers, including company name, company ID, user ID, and password.
  • Additional security credentials are required for payment and administration services.
  • Browsers with 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption are required to access the portal. We encrypt your online banking sessions within our bank servers for additional security.
  • When you sign off the CEO portal, we prevent your browser from storing account information and transactions, so that your browser or computer can't be used to find information about you, your business, or your accounts.

How do I know if my banking session is encrypted?

You can check if your session is encrypted by looking for encryption icons in the lower portion of your browser window; for example, Microsoft® Internet Explorer displays a padlock icon. See your browser's help menu or documentation for more information about its specific security capabilities.

What is encryption?

Encryption is a process of encoding data to prevent it from being read by unauthorized parties. There are different levels of encryption available through your browser. The CEO portal requires the use of browsers with 128-bit encryption, sometimes called "high" or "strong" encryption. The higher the number of "bits" used to encrypt data, the more complex the encryption code, and a more complex encryption code results in a higher level of security. 128-bit encryption is the highest browser encryption level currently available.

What is strong authentication?

Strong authentication provides a higher level of security required for certain payment and administration-related transactions. This level of security requires authorization verification with a token.

What is an RSA SecurID® token?

The RSA SecurID token is a security device used to provide secondary authentication when accessing certain CEO portal services.


Who do I contact to sign up for the CEO portal?

If your company is already a Wells Fargo customer, please contact your bank relationship manager or customer service representative. If your company doesn't have a relationship with Wells Fargo, please call us at 1-800-289-3557 or email us.

Is there a cost?

Access to the CEO portal is free to Wells Fargo business customers, but we do charge a fee for some individual products and services. Please speak with your relationship manager for details about cost and how to enroll in services that are best for your company. If you're not currently a Wells Fargo business customer, please email us or call 1-800-289-3557.

Browser & System Requirements

What kind of computer equipment and browser do I need to access the CEO Portal?

Please check our Browser & System Requirements for specific requirements and recommendations for accessing the CEO portal.

Does the CEO portal support Macintosh, Linux, or UNIX systems?

At this time, the CEO portal supports Macs but not Linux or UNIX.