CEO® Mobile Token

A fast and convenient way to authenticate

With CEO Mobile Token, you can use your iPhone® or AndroidTM device to access your Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) services and perform sensitive transactions from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

You no longer need to worry about missing a deadline because you forgot or misplaced your token. As long as you have your mobile device with you, you will always have your token, too.

CEO Mobile Token uses proven RSA SecurID® technology that lets you generate a one-time code on your mobile device that you can use to sign on and access secure CEO services. CEO Mobile Token provides an added level of security to help protect your accounts and information, and there’s no additional charge to use the feature.

How to get started with CEO Mobile Token 

If you don't already have the CEO Mobile app on your iPhone or Android device, you'll need to download it from the Apple App Store® or Google PlayTM store. 

To set up the CEO Mobile Token feature:

  1. Sign on to the CEO Mobile® app on your mobile device. Navigate to your User Profile then select Add Mobile Token.
  2. Select Continue Set Up.
  3. Follow the installation instructions.

Completing transactions using CEO Mobile Token

  • With desktop and laptop devices. Select View Token Code on the CEO Mobile sign on screen whenever you need a passcode. Then enter your PIN and the code that appears on your mobile device in the passcode field.
  • With the CEO Mobile app. Enter only your CEO Mobile Token PIN when prompted. You don't need to enter a token code as it is automatically generated and prefilled for your convenience.

Frequently asked questions