Online Business Continuity Planning

For more than 160 years Wells Fargo has remained a beacon of trust, security and ingenuity. We have a sound business continuity program in place for each of our core lines of business, functions, and individual products and services – including the Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) business portal.

The CEO® Portal is Prepared

We regularly test our recovery strategies in order to maintain their optimal reliability and effectiveness. In the event of an emergency, every reasonable attempt will be made to restore and maintain normal service levels as soon as possible.

Redundant systems

In recognition of the need to promptly recover online accessibility should an emergency occur, we’ve designed fully operational sites in two different geographic locations.

Regular testing

To ensure we have the ability to move you to the alternate site in an emergency, we test its reliability four times a year. As part of that testing, we make sure plans reflect new applications, changes to existing applications and offline services that support the CEO portal.

Other information

Although impact is dependent of the severity of the event, we have identified four types of interruptions that could affect your company:

  • Systems. Redundancies have been instituted for our business-critical systems. Should a Wells Fargo system experience an outage, we will allocate all available resources to its remediation, making every effort to minimize impact on you.
  • Operations Facilities. Alternate processing centers are prepared to take over day–to–day processing and support until the primary operational center is operating normally.
  • Telecommunications. To minimize the likelihood of an outage, we’ve used multiple telecommunications companies to create a redundant network. Should an outage occur, we will take reasonable action to implement manual alternatives so you can receive timely information.
  • Transportation. An alternate delivery method will be used if air or ground transportation is unavailable. In the unlikely event that both are unavailable, we will take reasonable action to resume normal service levels as soon as possible.

Our business continuity plan means that you will be able to communicate with the same Wells Fargo representatives in times of need – people who know you and your business.