Administration Tool

Control who has access to your company’s accounts and services.

Administration allows your authorized administrators to:

  • Establish user access to CEO services, edit and disable CEO user IDs, and enroll company employees in new services.
  • Set dollar limits for users authorized to perform wire transactions.
  • Specify transaction types that require approval by a second administrator before being completed.
  • Reset passwords and reassign RSA SecurID® tokens.
  • Run administrative reports.

Administration is a key feature of the following CEO services:

  • ACH Fraud Filter
  • ACH Inquiry
  • ARP Register Maintenance
  • Credit Management
  • Alerts
  • Positive Pay Services
  • Internet ACH
  • Retail Lockbox Image
  • Statements & Notices
  • Stops-Images-Search
  • Treasury Information Reporting
  • WellsTAX® Payments
  • Wholesale Lockbox
  • Wires