WATS® Rates

Wells Fargo is a market leader in both electronic trading as well as voice dealing across various interest rate markets. By leveraging Wells Fargo’s extensive liquidity, we can effectively and efficiently execute across a variety of liquid structures including:

  • Treasuries: bills, notes, bonds, tips, and strips
  • Agencies: bullets, callables, discount notes, and zero coupons
  • Interest rate swaps: liquid tenor rate, spread {to LIBOR/OIS/SOFR} structures, market-agreed coupon, butterfly swaps, curve trades, swap futures

You can benefit from our counterparty strength, liquidity depth, and excellent client service.

Where to find us

WATS Rates electronic offerings are available for execution on various venues based on asset class. We are continually committing resources to our efforts and expanding our presence and offerings for customers:


Bloomberg and Tradeweb


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Interest rate swaps

Bloomberg and Tradeweb