WATS® Municipals

As a leading municipal securities dealer, we deliver market insight, expertise, and liquidity across a wide range of the municipal securities market. Wells Fargo has a national approach and focuses on trading all states and many sectors, in both round lots and odd lots, for:

  • Tax-exempt municipals
  • Taxable municipals, including Build America Bonds (BABs)
  • Taxable securities issued directly by non-profit entities (health care, higher education, cultural, energy, etc.)

Our team provides access to one of the largest municipal inventories in the market. In addition to a broad range of offerings, the desk typically provides thousands of bids each day to the market.

The most frequently traded issuers are state and local governments and their agencies and authorities, water and sewer systems, school districts, colleges, and universities, hospitals, toll road commissions, and utilities.

All traders on our municipal desk actively bid for and make offerings of municipal securities, and conduct trades via our Bloomberg dealer page as well as various ECNs.

Where to find us

As a leading liquidity provider, WATS Municipals provides access to a large variety of offerings. We have a meaningful presence on many ECNs, conducting a growing portion of our institutional volume over electronic systems.


Institutional and middle-market customers can view our inventory and execute on Bloomberg through WATS under the Municipal tab (WMUN).

For information on all WATS offerings, visit our execution page: WATS< GO >

ECN connectivity

As a top dealer in municipal bonds, we operate on the following ECN platforms:

  • Tradeweb Direct
  • ICE BondPoint