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Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking leaders share their insights on careers, networking, talent development, and more.

Women in business

LaShonda Fuselier

Head of Multi-National Corporations Subsidiary Coverage

“For me, it all comes down to a genuine intellectual curiosity about people and places and cultures and things.”

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Jeahnette Cavaliere

Canada Country Manager

Recognizing her leadership and impact in making the workplace better for women, Jeahnette Cavaliere, Canada Country Manager, was named a Catalyst Honours Champion for 2023. Jeahnette was among seven Canadian corporate leaders selected to the 2023 Catalyst Honours Champions, and the single champion selected in the “company/firm leader” category. 

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Tiara Henderson

Corporate & Investment Banking Head of Women’s Segment and Commercial Real Estate Head of Diverse Segments

“It’s about making connections at a deeper level and not just transactional or at the business level. We really are on this journey together,” says Tiara Henderson.

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Geneviève Piché

Head of Sustainable Finance and Advisory

“Embrace the sparks because they can catalyze organizational progress and develop careers,” Geneviève Piché shares her insights on change and sustainability.

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Judith Barry

Co-Head of Global Equities and Chairwoman of the WomenGoFar network

“Be intentional and be exceptional,” Judith Barry shares her career insights and experience.

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Talent Development

Frank Van Buren

Managing Director, Emerging Talent Development Leader, Banking

In our new Talent Development monthly series, Frank shares his insights on our unique approach to emerging talent management and professional development, navigating life transitions, career fulfillment, and more.

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