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CEO Jose Minaya

Jose Minaya
CEO, Nuveen

My parents emigrated here from the Dominican Republic. I grew up in Washington Heights and Inwood. My dad was a cook. My mother was a housekeeper at a hotel. They came here with a dream of having a better life for their kids. They barely had a bank account. The concept of a 401K was not there. 

We are in a retirement crisis in this country. We have an opportunity to help the Hispanic and African American communities retire with dignity. If you just looked at the U.S. Latinos, they'd be the fifth largest GDP in the world. 

Nuveen is an asset manager. Our business is about trust. When I think about generational investing, we think about stability and lower volatility. So we think about the long term. 

What's interesting about our relationship with Wells Fargo is we share similar goals.

Danielle Squires
Head of Diverse Segments
Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking

We help Nuveen create products and services focused at generational wealth and investing for diverse communities.

I'm first generation American. My father hails from Trinidad and my mother from Jamaica. They taught me the importance of giving back.

Both Jose and I had the opportunity when we were in college to intern at financial institutions. And that opportunity led to us being where we are today. And now, we're in a position to repay that and take it further than ever.

Max Catalano
Managing Director
Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking

My father was a fishmonger, and my mother was a commercial artist.  My parents sacrificed an enormous amount for me. When Nuveen talks about generational investing it really hits home. 

The relationship between Wells Fargo and Nuveen spans the corporate investment bank, our commercial real estate business, and our wealth and investment management business.

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My mom would say, "Mijo, ten paciencia, y mijo haz lo que tú sabes que es correcto." And that translates into, "Son, have patience and do the right thing. You know what the right thing is." I take that with me every day, in every meeting and every business decision that we make.

My parents, they could see how I give back to my family, to my community. I know it touches their hearts, so you know, you know, I get goosebumps, 'cause it definitely touches me.

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