This Canadian innovator is a game changer for mountain biking enthusiasts

Photo credit: Margus Riga Rocky Mountain has a well-deserved reputation for their exceptional high-end mountain bikes

When you think of a mountain bike, you may not have an electric motor in mind. Now, thanks to this dynamic Canadian company, high performance electric mountain bikes are a growing trend worldwide.

Backed by two R&D centres in Canada, and with input from some of the world’s best biking athletes, they are focused on the production of the electric motors for their range of high performance electric bikes. Awards including "Eurobike 2017", "Design and Innovation Award 2018", and "E-MTB 2019" are testament to their high level of innovation and engineering.

As just one example, the development of the Dyname 3.0 electric motor involved 10 years of research, 80,000 hours of engineering, 10 MM CAD invested and 3 patents. In contrast to their competitors, they adapt the motor to the bike, not the bike to the motor, so as not to compromise the overall bike design.

Based in Quebec, the company has an enthusiastic customer base in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Reaching customers through their dealer and distributor network, they sell their bikes in 40 countries, with major markets in Germany, Italy, and France and Swiss.

According to Rocky Mountain, while Europe currently makes up 50% of the total electric mountain bike market, the word is spreading and the demand for electric bikes is growing fast around the world. Electric bikes provide riders with greater speed and power, enabling them to ride higher and further, greatly enhancing the experience.

The company sponsors a leading team of mountain riders that ride across the globe. From Alison Sydor, Marie-Hélène Prémont (both Olympic Champion) to the original Froriders, they have a long history of supporting some of the world's best electrical mountain bikers and continue to work with true legends of the sport. Recently, they gained further recognition as one of the best brands in their market, with the nomination of "Best Electrical Mountain Bike of the year 2019" by the French magazine Vélo Vert.

"This business has clear seasonality cycles and development takes time, so it's very important to have a banking provider that understands that," says President Raymond Dutil. Prior to working with Wells Fargo, Rocky Mountain worked with an independent lender. Since embarking on Asset-Based Lending (ABL) with Wells Fargo, "We have been able to triple our growth in the past 6 years," says Dutil. 

And Dutil sees the relationship continuing to support the company, with plans to increase investment in research, development, and sales worldwide.

With their vision, innovation, and support from the Wells Fargo team, Rocky Mountain is looking forward to ongoing growth and success.