International Treasury Management

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You’re transacting globally, which means your treasury activities are likely complicated. Let us help you improve your day-to-day global operations with automation and centralization.

We’re creating smarter ways for U.S.-based companies and their subsidiaries to manage their global business. With Wells Fargo helping with your international treasury strategy, you’ll have the advantage of one banking relationship that offers both U.S. and in-region implementation and technical support.

We can help you strengthen your relationships with your overseas employees, customers, and vendors because you’ll transact with them in currencies that best meet your needs and theirs.

Our electronic payment and reporting services are available using one online platform with robust security, our Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) portal. You can also use CEO Mobile®, as available in a geographic region, to monitor your accounts, approve transactions, and receive reporting on the go.

We offer:

Simplified cash management

  • Manage your Wells Fargo accounts online — CEO connects your offices, operations, and subsidiaries so you can work conveniently and efficiently.
  • Potentially accelerate your cash flow from foreign receivables — make and collect payments in region.
  • Increase visibility into your global cash position — on one single sign-on platform you’ll have end of day and intraday reporting in the same formats for all your Wells Fargo accounts and accounts you hold with other banks.

Easier transactions

  • Transact throughout the world in multiple currencies — you’ll settle to accounts in those currencies.
  • Where you have receivables that match your required payables currencies, pay your trading partners and others without converting one currency to another — you’ll potentially reduce your foreign exchange cost.

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Our global accounts can help you manage your international operating flows in ways very similar to your day-to-day U.S. treasury activities. You can keep your familiar Wells Fargo banking relationships, customer service, and online access, so that you achieve the simplicity you want.

U.S. Foreign Currency Accounts

If you’re concerned about foreign exchange risk or the additional due diligence of overseas bank accounts, then a Wells Fargo U.S. Foreign Currency Account may be your best solution.

We offer 28 currencies. Because you transact in the account’s currency, you can make outbound wire payments and deposit wire receivables without foreign exchange transaction costs. Because you hold these accounts in the U.S., you no longer need to prepare Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR). Moreover, these accounts are eligible for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance.

How it works

  • You open an account using a process similar to opening a U.S. demand deposit account.
  • You send wire payments securely cross border from the U.S. using the same channel you use for your U.S. dollar (USD) accounts: CEO® Wires, Foreign Exchange on CEO®, Payment Manager®, or SWIFT services.
  • You receive incoming wire transfers from around the world and incoming book transfers from your other U.S. Wells Fargo accounts.
  • You optionally manage your cash — and cover overdrafts — by establishing a zero or target balance structure so that cash balances move automatically to a parent account.

Accounts for Canada

Our in-country international bank accounts in USD and Canadian dollar give you the ability to send and receive electronic payments within Canada and cross border., They’re the basis of our Canadian treasury management solutions.

Accounts for the U.K., Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

With choices for British pound (GBP), Euro (EUR), and USD as well as 17 other currencies, a U.K. branch account lets you make non-urgent (Bacs), GBP Faster Payments, and urgent high-value GBP payables and receivables. In addition, approximately 600 partner bank branches throughout the U.K. provide over-the-counter services.

You can also initiate and receive same day EUR payments throughout Europe. For non-urgent payments, you can take advantage of the simplified payment format for Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) for both payables and receivables.

These accounts are the basis of our EMEA treasury management solutions.

With cross-border and in-country options, you can flexibly make and collect international payments.

  • Global ACH — With a U.S. USD account, you can send repetitive, non-urgent batch payments (ACH credits) in nine currencies using our Global ACH service. With a U.K. branch account, you can use the same online service to send ACH credits in 11 currencies, so that you can reach more than 40 countries and territories. Beneficiaries receive electronic payments typically within two to five business days.
  • Wire transfers — You can send and receive wires conveniently using the initiation option that suits your needs: online, consolidated payables, SWIFT, or (in the U.S.) application programming interface (API).
  • Payment Manager® — You can streamline your global payments process by sending one file with multiple payment types and related remittance information. This consolidated payables service lets you send files from your internal system. We separate the payments by type and then process them accordingly. By reducing the use of paper documents and manual data entry, you can potentially minimize mistakes and increase efficiency.
  • Foreign Exchange on CEO® — You can send foreign exchange wires 24 hours a day, six days a week online that settle to your commercial accounts. You’ll benefit from live market rates for more than 120 currencies. If you need to generate an audit trail, you can debit a foreign draft with your Wells Fargo USD account and then print it from your location.
  • SWIFT — You can streamline your back office by routing all payments and other transactions to Wells Fargo through SWIFT, a reliable connectivity channel. With request for transfer functionality, you can move money out of non-Wells Fargo accounts, giving you the benefit of concentrating funds.

The following two services help U.S.-based companies receive payments from individuals and entities located outside of the U.S.

Global Invoice Connect®

Our Global Invoice Connect with TransferMate® service — an inbound payments solution for you — can give your customers in more than 60 countries and territories a convenient electronic payment option in more than 35 currencies. Our service provider provides electronic bill presentment in USD or in your customers’ local currencies and then collects your funds direct to your U.S. USD account. You always receive your full invoiced amount, no matter how your customers pay.

Global Check Clearing

Through our direct relationships with foreign correspondent banks, combined with high-volume processing, we’re able to offer a cost-effective way to clear checks in a variety of foreign currencies or drawn on foreign banks in eligible countries. Depending on your current method of handling foreign check payments, your funds availability timing may improve.

Our reporting services on CEO® help you can gain insight and control over your global cash picture. Through this secure single sign-on portal, you view details of your pending and posted transactions from a browser on your desktop or mobile device. Additionally, CEO Mobile®, available in select geographic regions, gives you access to reporting on the go.

You can alternatively obtain treasury reports by API, Direct BAI, SWIFT, and ISO 20022 channels.

Treasury Information Reporting

Our Treasury Information Reporting service on CEO delivers previous day composite and intraday composite reports with comprehensive balance, summary, and transaction details. We also provide reporting specific to electronic payment transactions.

You can view and download reports for use in your accounting, treasury workstation, enterprise resource planning (ERP), or system of record.

Foreign exchange reporting

Foreign Exchange on CEO® is a real-time, comprehensive foreign exchange system that helps you manage your transactions and information needs online. You can search historical and future-dated transaction data. You have access to a variety of data and reports, including contracts, transactions, daily rates, and net settlements.