Westrock Coffee

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Transcript: How Westrock Coffee is helping grow their crops and their business

Christine Uwamugra

Coffee Farmer

My husband died unexpectedly in 2014, leaving me to feed, educate, and care for nine children on my own.

On screen: Nyamasheke, Rwanda

The farm wasn’t producing enough to support us all.

Scott Ford

CEO & Co-Founder
Westrock Coffee

On screen: Little Rock, Arkansas

Christine is one of thousands of farmers that we serve in Rwanda. In the United States, there's a county extension agent in every county. And if you've got a question as a farmer, it's a 1-800 number and you can get an answer. None of that exists in the developing world. So the Westrock Agronomy Training Program is just basic education for farmers. How do you reinvest in your local community to actually help your children continue the transformation out of poverty?

Westrock Coffee is the largest provider of coffee, tea and extracts to the restaurant, convenience store and retailer community in the United States. Our goal is to be the number one provider in the world over the next five years.

It is very difficult to find an investment banker in the middle market community that is actually progressive enough to help you be growing your business. And Wells Fargo does that.

Jason Ryan

Managing Director
Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking

Westrock is going public via a SPAC merger. Wells Fargo is acting as an advisor to Westrock and also provided a $350 million credit facility.

Jim Broner

Vice Chairman
Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking

The capital that Westrock is raising in this transaction will be used to expand the business, including internationally.

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My father's the youngest of three boys. The first two didn't make it through the Depression.

I go to Rwanda and I realize, my gosh, this is the exact same thing my grandparents lived with. And the crop that they sell is going to determine how well that kid eats. And that will determine whether or not that kid makes it through a dry season.

At its core, it's why I started it Westrock Coffee.

Back to Christine

On screen:
Christine’s yields have increased 300%.
Her children have medical insurance.
Her village now has electricity.

Thanks to hard work and my business partner in a place called Little Rock, the future looks bright.