WeDriveU | Recharging the daily commute

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President & CEO Erick Van Wagenen

Transcript: WeDriveU: Recharging the daily commute

Announcer voiceover

The morning commute is the usual mess.

On the inbound Golden Gate Bridge, we’ve got a 10-minute delay . . . 15 minutes . . . 25 minutes . . .

Kenneth Wu

Executive Director of Corporate Sustainability
Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences has about 4,500 employees coming to Foster City, California.

100 miles a day can be the commute for our colleagues who live in the distant areas of the Bay Area. It could take two to four hours each day round trip.

Around 2016 is when we piloted our first bus commuter program, free for all employees.

Erick Van Wagenen

President & CEO

A National Express company

We run commuter buses for some of the largest companies, including in Silicon Valley. Those companies are wanting their buses to be electric.

We started earlier this year operating electric buses for Gilead. They have more arriving at the end of this year. Over half their fleet will be electric.

Wells Fargo's been helping us finance vehicles since 2014. They've been very nimble in the way that they've been able to supply financing, which is great, because working with corporate customers, they want to move quickly.

Matt Hotchkiss

Sales Manager, Equipment Finance
Wells Fargo Commercial Banking

We do both traditional financing for WeDriveU, but we also do lease financing, where they lease the vehicle from us for the term of the contract, and then they can return the vehicle to us at the end of that term.

LaShonda Fuselier

Head of Multi-National Corporations Subsidiary Coverage
Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking

We also provide capital support to National Express, which is the parent company of WeDriveU based in the UK. As we assist them, that assists us in achieving our goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Once those additional EVs come online, Gilead will reduce its carbon emissions from the buses by more than 90%.

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I use the Gilead bus program to commute to and from work, 70 miles each day.

After a full day at work, it is a pleasure to get on one of these buses. It's a space that you can do what you need to, whether it's reading a book, listening to podcasts, surfing the web, or take an occasional nap.