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Transcript: Bringing NYC back bigger & better

Marc Holliday
Chairman & CEO
SL Green Realty

Good morning, everyone. What a day, what a moment. Today, we celebrate a monumental achievement.

As our city continues to recover from the pandemic, we are proud that One Vanderbilt’s opening is a physical reminder of New York’s resiliency.

One Vanderbilt sits on the corner of 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue. That is essentially New York's front door. This had to be the beacon for the city. And it was extremely important to be a good civic neighbor.

First, we took a strip of roadway and made it a grand entrance to Grand Central.

Second, we were able to do $220 million of public transit improvements to one of the busiest commuter hubs in the country.

And developers have a responsibility to build sustainable, so we made One Vanderbilt into a green building.

Our relationship with Wells Fargo goes back probably almost 20 years. Whenever you're talking about financing packages of a billion and more, there's very few firms who can lead that exercise.

Kara McShane
Head of Commercial Real Estate
Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking

In 2016, we led a billion-and-a-half-dollar construction loan on One Vanderbilt.

And in 2021, we led a $3 billion commercial mortgage-backed securities bond offering backed by One Vanderbilt, and it’s the largest green bond offering of all time.

Back to Marc

This city has done so much for so many of us.  I think at times we don't appreciate just how great this city is, or the opportunities this city affords.

But One Vanderbilt is something that we give back to New York City.