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Transcript: Building on a heritage of social action

Wes Carter
Atlantic Packaging

My grandfather he fought the Ku Klux Klan by writing articles and editorials.

They threatened to kill him. They threatened to burn down his house, kidnap his children. 

Rusty Carter
Atlantic Packaging

I was a really young child. I have an image of cars lined up across our front yard shining headlights on the house and a cross burning in the front yard.

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But my grandfather never relented. 300 Klansmen were arrested. And my grandfather won the Pulitzer Prize for meritorious public service.

The newspaper that he started grew into Atlantic Packaging – the largest privately held packaging company in North America.

One of the prevailing issues of our day is climate change and pollution.

Today in North America, two-and-a-half billion pounds of stretch film are used every single year. We developed and patented some technologies to help us monitor how much stretch film is being used. And the first rule of sustainability is always use less.

The polyethylene six-pack ring is the poster child for non-sustainable. That ring has been choking turtles since I was a kid. We were approached by some inventors out of California who had developed the first-ever fiber-based beverage carrier. It's curbside recyclable. And if it ends up in the ocean, in 10 to 12 weeks it's gone.

The folks at Wells Fargo have always believed in the vision of Atlantic -- we're trying to change the marketplace. 

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We need a financial partner that will help us push up the hill and enjoy riding down the hill. Because it's never flat.

Rick Dowd
Vice Chairman
Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking

We give them advice and perspective on what we're seeing in the marketplace.

John Ward
EVP, Market Executive
Wells Fargo Commercial Banking

We provide the company with their senior credit facilities. We also provide treasury management. We love doing business with family-owned businesses like this. 

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Companies are people. I believe that the moral compass that my grandfather set still shows us the way to go.