Array | Fixing the mental health care crisis in ERs

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CEO Geoffrey Boyce

Transcript: Array: Fixing the mental health care crisis in ERs

Annie Bobbe
HR Generalist

Array Behavioral Care

When he was 15 years old, my son had an attempt to take his own life. The first thing we needed to do is take him to an emergency room so that he could seek, not only physical care, but also get an evaluation regarding his mental status.

We were just basically stuck behind a curtain for 18 hours without any type of mental health professional evaluating our son. It was the end of the workday, and we would have to wait for the next shift.

It was a feeling of complete hopelessness, very stressful, very upsetting, scary.

Geoffrey Boyce

Array Behavioral Care

When a person has come into a hospital emergency room potentially suicidal, potentially homicidal, most of those facilities don't have 24/7 access to a psychiatrist.

Studies show that the average mental health patient waits in the emergency room about 14 hours longer than the average medical patient.

Array is the nation's leading virtual psychiatry and therapy practice. We deliver all those services remotely via video. With Array's on-demand service, that patient in crisis can be seen often within an hour by a board-certified psychiatrist.

One of the unique things about Array is that we can provide emergency service to an individual in the hospital, but we also have a number of options for follow-up care, including bringing services directly to that individual in their home.

Wells Fargo has both invested in our company and helped represent us in looking for additional investors.

John Ryan
Managing Director

Wells Fargo Strategic Capital

Wells Fargo Strategic Capital led a $24 million equity financing round.

One of our colleagues is a part-time ER physician in his spare time, and he's also a board member at Array. And so, he brings particularly valuable expertise to both Array and to Wells Fargo.

Puneet Chandhok
Managing Director

Wells Fargo Corporate and Investment Banking

We are advising Array in securing additional capital.

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Array is truly transformative to how people access mental healthcare.

We're helping patients at their moment of greatest need.

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