Wells Fargo Contactless Chip Cards

Introducing contactless cards. A secure card that's easy to use.

Speed through checkout with a tap.

Here's how it works


Step 1

Find the Contactless Symbol at checkout.


Step 2

Simply tap your contactless card on the checkout terminal.


Step 3

Your payment is processed in seconds.

If a contactless terminal isn’t available, just insert or swipe your card.


Features and benefits


Each time you tap your card at a merchant's contactless-enabled terminal, a unique security code is generated. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to reuse your information and better protects you against counterfeit card fraud.

Simple to use

Using a contactless card is a little different from how you’ve used your card in the past, but it’s just as easy. Just tap to pay.

Accepted globally

Many countries worldwide have already adopted this technology, and it will soon become the standard in the U.S. as well.


Wells Fargo is introducing credit cards with the contactless technology starting in early 2019.

  • New credit card customers will automatically be issued a contactless card
  • Existing credit card customers will receive a contactless card upon reissue
  • If you’d like to request a contactless card now, call the number on the back of your card

Contactless Debit cards will be available starting in mid-2019.

Contactless Business cards are not available at this time.  More information to come this summer.

About contactless cards

What is a contactless card?

A contactless card is a card that you can use by tapping your card at a contactless-enabled merchant terminal displaying the contactless symbol.  In addition to tapping your card, you can: 1) insert your card at a chip-enabled merchant terminal, 2) use the magnetic stripe if a terminal is not yet chip-enabled, or 3) add your card to your preferred digital wallet and tap your mobile device at a contactless-enabled merchant terminal.

What does the contactless symbol look like?

What is a contactless card payment?

Contactless card payments are made by tapping your card with the contactless feature at a merchant terminal enabled to accept a contactless card payment. Near Field Communications (NFC) technology is used to make secure payments between a contactless card and merchant terminal. When you tap your card near the contactless symbol, your payment is sent for authorization.

Do I use a contactless card the same way that I use my digital wallet in my mobile device?

Yes, anytime you see the contactless symbol, you can use either your contactless card or your digital wallet. Just tap your card or mobile device near the contactless symbol. You can also use your contactless card or digital wallet to make purchases in-app or online.

What are the benefits of a contactless chip card?

A contactless chip card offers:

  • Convenience: Contactless cards are fast, easy and speed up your checkout experience. Merchants across the U.S. and around the world are increasingly enabled to accept contactless cards for payment. Plus, as transit agencies across the U.S. start to accept contactless cards at their terminals/ turnstiles over the next several years, you will have even more places to take advantage of the feature.
  • Security: Each time you tap your card at a contactless-enabled terminal, encrypted card data is sent to the terminal making it extremely difficult for anyone to reuse your information. Using the chip technology protects you against counterfeit fraud.

Safety and security

Is the contactless card secure?

The contactless card is more secure than using the magnetic stripe and has similar security as a chip card when inserted in a merchant terminal.  Each time you tap or insert your card at a chip-enabled terminal, encrypted card data is sent to the terminal making it extremely difficult for anyone to reuse your information.  This technology better protects you against counterfeit card fraud, and gives you a more secure experience during your transaction.  As a reminder, your card comes with Wells Fargo’s fraud monitoring and Zero Liability protection for promptly reported unauthorized transactions.

Is my personal information vulnerable if my contactless card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, promptly contact us so we can issue you a new one.  Note that no personal information is stored on the chip; it contains information used to process your transactions.

Does the contactless card provide enhanced security even if I use the magnetic stripe on my card or use it for online purchases?

No.  A card must be inserted or tapped at a chip-enabled terminal to utilize the enhanced security features.

Can someone with a card reader stand close enough to me to steal the account or card information from a contactless card without my knowledge?

Today’s contactless cards with chip technology use a secure microprocessor that generates a unique cryptographic code that changes for every transaction.  The contactless cards also have an ultra-short read range, so it is unlikely that your card information can be captured from your card in the new chip environment.

What security measures are in place to help prevent intercepted data from being used for card-not-present transactions by the merchants?

To protect against fraudulent card-not-present transactions, merchants should use secondary security measures such as asking for the three-digit code imprinted on the back of the Visa card (4-digit code on the front of an AMEX card) and implementing extra layers of security such as address or zip code verification. None of this information can be read electronically from the card.

Getting a contactless card

Do I need to request a contactless card or will Wells Fargo send one to me?

Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Cards: As of April 1, 2019, new consumer credit card customers and current customers who are reissued a card will receive a card with the contactless feature. You can request a contactless card by calling the number on the back of your card.

  • Wells Fargo Debit Cards: Wells Fargo will start a state-by state launch of contactless consumer debit cards in mid-2019.
  • Business Credit Cards: Business contactless cards are not available at this time.  More information to come this summer.

Why is Wells Fargo issuing contactless cards?

We are committed to providing you with convenient and secure payment options, no matter how you choose to pay.  The contactless feature provides additional convenience and a faster checkout.

Can I get a consumer credit card without the contactless feature?

We no longer offer credit cards without the contactless feature.  You can continue to insert your card in chip-enabled terminals or swipe your card if you do not wish to use the contactless feature.

Will my credit card number, expiration date, or 3-Digit (Visa) or 4-Digit (AMEX) code change when I get the new contactless card?

Unless your consumer credit card has been reissued because it was lost, stolen or compromised, your card number will not change. If you are receiving a new card to replace an expiring one, both your expiration date and 3 or 4-digit code will change.

Will my contactless credit card look the same as the one I have now?

Your contactless card will have a contactless symbol on the back, letting you know that it is set up to make contactless payments. Otherwise, it will look the same.

If you have customized your card using the Card Design Studio® service, your contactless card will be issued with the same photo or image you selected. The only difference is you will see the contactless symbol on the back.

Are there any additional fees for the contactless credit card?

No, the contactless feature is included at no additional cost.

Using a contactless card

How do I make purchases using my contactless card?

  1. Look to see if the terminal accepts contactless,
  2. With the card facing up, tap the terminal screen or near where the contactless symbol is placed,
  3. Your payment is processed in seconds.

Do I need to sign for my purchase?

Currently, your signature is not generally required for a contactless transaction. However, the merchant may have their own requirements and you may be asked to sign or enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to authorize your purchase.

Will my Wells Fargo contactless card be accepted on transit systems?

Several transit systems have already adopted contactless payments, which means that you can use a bank issued contactless card at the turnstile without purchasing a separate ticket.  Chicago CTA and Portland Tri-Met are live today and others such as NY MTA, Dallas DART, Miami Dade Transit, Philadelphia SEPTA, Boston Transit, Honolulu HART, LA Metro, San Francisco Bay Area BART, New Jersey Transit, and Washington DC WMATA are planning to launch over the next few years.

Please note that if you add your credit or debit card (whether contactless-enabled or not) to a digital wallet supported by Wells Fargo, you can make payments at merchants and transit systems who accept these kinds of payments.

Can I use this card at locations if the merchant terminal or ATM are not yet contactless-enabled?

Yes, you can continue to insert the card in a chip-enabled terminal or ATM, and use the magnetic stripe at terminals that are not yet chip-enabled.  You can also make purchases online, over-the-phone, or by mail.

Can you use this as a regular chip card?

Yes, you can use your card by inserting it into chip-enabled terminals.