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Other useful accounts and services
Savings Account
A savings account is a safe place to keep and grow money that you may not need to use immediately. With a savings account, you can:

  • Earn interest on the money in your account. Interest rates on savings accounts may vary based on the type of account you choose
  • Conveniently set aside money for emergencies, vacations and major purchases, like a car
  • Link your savings account to your checking account for overdraft protection
  • Always have funds available whenever you need them
  • Be protected by FDIC insurance up to applicable limits

There are many kinds of savings accounts available, including basic savings accounts; Time Accounts, also known as Certificates of Deposit (CDs); and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Federal regulations limit the number of certain types of withdrawals—such as online, phone or Overdraft Protection transfers—that you can make from your savings account per month. Your banker will be able to explain the features and benefits of your savings account.
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Tip: Experts recommend setting aside at least three months of emergency savings in case the unexpected happens, such as job loss or injury.
Start saving today
If you’re among the millions who want to save, yet struggle to get started, here is a reminder of why it’s important to start the habit, regardless of amount.
Chart image: Change daily habits to build your savings. Brew coffee at home instead of buying from a coffee shop ($2.50/coffee). Take a lunch to work 2x/wk ($6.25/lunch). Reduce clothing allowance by $100/mon. Savings: Y1: $2,630, Y2: $5,260, Y3: $7,890
Only Wells Fargo offers My Savings Plan®, a free online savings tool designed to help you save for your goals. With a Wells Fargo savings account, you will have access to My Savings Plan and be able to:
  • Build your savings with Automatic Transfers from your other Wells Fargo accounts into your goal-assigned savings account and watch it grow
  • Automatically track your progress. Sign on anytime to see how much you’ve saved toward your goals
  • Automatic transfers
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Automatic Transfers
It’s easy to save when you set up an automatic transfer. Your banker will help you to set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account. You can choose the amount and date when you would like the transfer to occur. You can also set up automatic transfers through Wells Fargo Online Banking or by speaking to your banker.
Global Remittance Services
You can send money home to family and friends in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, the Philippines, India, China and Vietnam in a way that is economical, convenient and dependable with the Wells Fargo ExpressSend® service1.
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Wells Fargo Credit Card (footnote 2)
Credit Cards offer you a convenient way to make both day-to-day and large purchases. You’ll enjoy:
  • Flexibility and control to repay in full every month or borrow over time.
  • Built-in rewards3 on select card options.
  • Overdraft protection when linked to your Wells Fargo checking account.4
  • When used responsibly, credit cards can be an opportunity to help establish or rebuild credit and may help you qualify for other credit products.
Qualifications for a credit card vary depending on the type of credit and other factors. Talk to a Wells Fargo banker about how to apply.

To learn more about building credit, please visit Hands on BankingWells Fargo’s award-winning financial education program at
Tip: Set up an automatic payment for the minimum amount due. You can still write a check to pay your bills each month, but an automatic payment will ensure that you do not miss your payments due date.
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