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Unlock the Power of Your Debit Card



When you buy a car, move into a new place, or put a lock on something to keep it safe, you get a key. Did you know you also get one with your Wells Fargo checking account? That key is your debit card. Start using it for everyday spending, like paying bills, shopping and eating out. The money comes right out of the primary checking account linked to your card.

You can design your permanent debit card with an image that reflects what’s important to you through the Card Design Studio® service.

See the little chip? This little touch of technology increases security at chip enabled merchants and ATMs. And there’s Zero Liability protection, where you aren’t responsible for unauthorized transactions if your card or card information is used without your consent and is reported promptly. To unlock even more security, set up alerts to keep closer track of your spending.

When you open your account, or if your card is lost or stolen, you can get an instant issue debit card at your local Wells Fargo banking location. The temporary card is good for 30 days, and can be used until you receive your shiny new debit card in the mail.

Your Wells Fargo Debit Card is your protection-enabled, in-person-or-online, pay-for-just-about-anything-under-the-sun access to your checking account and over 12,500 Wells Fargo ATMs nationwide. Keep it handy or load it into a mobile wallet like Apple Pay®. It’s your everyday way to buy what you want and need.

And that, is the key to managing your money, your way.