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How to Switch Your Bank Account to Wells Fargo


Welcome to Wells Fargo. Whether you're opening your first account or moving from another bank, let's make the transition as easy as possible.

We'll break it down into three steps.

Let's call the first step Money In.

Simply, moving money into your new account by depositing cash and checks, or through direct deposit.

To move direct deposits to your new account just contact your employer or the agency responsible for your deposit. And make sure to have your account and routing numbers handy. You should also ask when you can expect the change to occur, so you can plan ahead for Step 2.

Now, let's call Step 2, Money Out.

Start by reviewing your old account statement for any automatic withdrawals or payments like car payments, insurance or gym memberships.

To move these automatic payments to your new account, you can contact the billers directly. Consider setting up these payments with Wells Fargo Online Bill Pay - the convenient way to set up multiple payments from your checking account.

Ok, you're almost there. Finally, once all outstanding checks and payments have cleared, Step 3 is closing your old account and moving the remaining balance to Wells Fargo.

Have more questions? Call or visit your local Wells Fargo branch.