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Push Notifications Video

Transcript: Checking Quick Start Guide – Push Notifications

Get push notifications on your smartphone to stay on top of your banking.

What’s a push notification, you ask? It’s like a text message but it shows up on your smartphone’s main screen.

[on screen text] Alert! Account balance below $150.00

And, it’s an easy way to get timely information that you’ve requested about your finances.

Like if your balance goes above or below an amount you specify.

When a deposit or withdrawal posts.

If a credit card payment is due.

Or, if daily ATM withdrawals or debit card purchases exceed an amount you choose.

Push notifications are free and easy to set up.

Just sign on to the Wells Fargo Mobile® Banking App.

Select Settings from the menu.

Then, tap Push Notifications, and slide the status bar to On.

From the Alerts dropdown menu, you can choose which push notifications you want to receive.

Stay on top of your money with your smartphone and Wells Fargo Push Notifications. Done.

[on screen text] Your mobile carrier’s text messaging and web access charges may apply.

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