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Pay Bills Video

Transcript: Checking Quick Start Guide – Pay a Bill

Once you’ve set up your payees, you can pay your bills in a flash with Wells Fargo Bill Pay.

First, sign on to Wells Fargo Online or the Mobile App.

Tap Transfer and Pay in the menu. Then select Pay Bills.

Fill out the Amount and Send On date for the bill you’d like to pay.

Click the calendar icon to see your selected the Send On date you selected and the Deliver By date — that’s when the day the payee will receive your payment .

Select Continue.

After you verify the details, select Pay.

You can edit or cancel a payment before 7 pm Pacific Time on the Send On date.

If you’re using the Wells Fargo Mobile Banking App, you can also make a payment by taking a photo of your paper bill with your phone or scanning the QR code.

Just like that, you've set up a payment.

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