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How to Free Up More Money Each Month



There's no such thing as free money. But, there are ways to free up our money by making smart decisions throughout the month. Here are three simple ideas.

First, we should know where our money goes. If we write down everything we spend, even for a week or two we'll start to see where the money goes, and figure out what are needs and what are wants. Mobile and online tools, like My Spending Report, can help do the tracking. We can use that information to make smarter decisions about our spending.

Second, by paying our bills on time every time, we avoid late fees, which can otherwise add up and eat into our budget. Automating bill payments can be a great way to avoid those fees.

Finally, ATMs within our network help to avoid added ATM fees. Though it only seems like a small amount of money, it can make a big difference.

If we take these simple steps, we'll spend smarter and free up some money along the way.