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Common Banking Questions Video Library

Learn about convenient ways to manage your finances

Watch our videos and learn ways to avoid fees and use your account
Making Sense of Available Balance

How much money is available in my account?

Understand the difference between posted balance and available balance, and why your available balance can fluctuate throughout the day.

Watch our video about available balance

What are the benefits of using my debit card?

What are the benefits of using my debit card?

Your debit card is a key to accessing your Wells Fargo checking account. Get an overview of the features and protection your card provides.

Watch our video on debit card benefits

How to Set Up Account Alerts

Can I be notified about my account activity?

You can receive timely updates on the account information that is important to you. Use this helpful guide to get started.

Watch our video on setting up account alerts

Play the direct deposit video

How can I have my payroll or federal benefits deposited?

This guide provides information on the easiest and fastest way to deposit your recurring income into a Wells Fargo checking, prepaid or savings account.

Watch our video on setting up direct deposit

Play the Monthly Service Fees Video

Is there a way to avoid monthly service fees?

Learn how to use the monthly service fee summary to understand your monthly fees, and if you’re meeting the account requirements that help avoid these fees.

Watch our video to understand your monthly service fee summary

Overdrafts and ways to avoid them video

What if I spend more than is available in my account?

Have you ever overdrawn your checking account and wondered why it happened? Get tips for avoiding overdrafts and returned transactions.

Watch our video on overdrafts

Ways to avoid having your debit card declined video

Can I help prevent my debit card from being declined?

Three options to help avoid having your debit card transactions declined, online and mobile tools, Overdraft Protection, and Wells Fargo Debit Card Overdraft Service.

Watch our video on debit card declines

How can I make payments using Bill Pay?

Make payments from your computer or mobile device through online banking. In a few taps you can transfer funds, pay bills, cancel payments, and more.

Watch our video to find out how to pay bills with Bill Pay