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How to Set Up Account Alerts

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Want to receive text alerts, email alerts, or push notifications about your transactions so you can better manage your accounts and limit fraud?

Then let's set up your Account Alerts.

To receive alerts, you must first sign up for Wells Fargo Online® banking. Once you've signed up, just log on. Under the More menu, select Accounts and Settings and then Manage Alerts.

This is your Alert headquarters.

Balance Alerts, Direct Deposit Alerts, Update Alerts, Check Tracking Alerts, Re-Order Reminder Alert, Overdraft Protection Advance Alert, Returned Deposited Item Alert

From here, you can choose which alerts you want and how you want to get them by text, email, and in some cases push notification, which are messages that are sent to you via the Wells Fargo app.  To get push notifications, be sure you have the latest version of the Wells Fargo app on your smartphone or tablet and activate Push Notifications in the app Settings.

To get text message alerts, enroll your mobile number if you haven’t already. We’ll send you a verification text, and after you reply to it, you’ll be set to receive text alerts.

Low balance alerts will let you know when your balance drops below an amount you choose. If you have a Wells Fargo Credit Card, you can be notified when your credit card payments are due. Don't want to miss those. And, you can even get alerted when your debit and ATM transactions reach daily limits you set.

Choose the alerts that are most important to you.  And, of course, you can always add or remove alerts, or change your preferences at any time.

So, sign up for alerts and keep an eye on your finances.

Have more questions? Call or visit your local Wells Fargo branch.

Account Alerts

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