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India Jobs — Join a Company That’s Right for You

Considering a career with Wells Fargo India Solutions? Discover why we’re right for you.

Why join the Wells Fargo India Solutions team?

Wells Fargo India Solutions has a team of talented and diverse people who enrich and positively impact the Wells Fargo customer experience by providing best-in-class technical support.

We believe in People as a Competitive Advantage (PACA) and equip our team members with the resources necessary to make the most of their potential and achieve professional success. We encourage team members to realize their personal goals as well as to contribute to the success of the company.

  • We welcome and reward ingenuity, resourcefulness, and originality.
  • Each team member enters a well-structured career management program and receives guidance on achievable career paths at each job level and in every vocation.
  • Whenever possible, we promote internally, seeking to retain deserving members of our team.
  • As an equal opportunity employer, Wells Fargo India Solutions values the diversity of our team members.
The corporate culture of a company is its personality. The personality of Wells Fargo India Solutions is a perfect blend of productivity and fun. We work to create an environment that values personal expression, community involvement, and a healthy work-life balance. To set the tone for a happy, successful culture, we implement several exclusively-designed initiatives for our team members.

Community involvementShow Details

Wells Fargo India Solutions has a strong commitment to the communities in which we work and live. WFIS Sparsh, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, partners with social and charitable organizations to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. Preserving the environment is very important to us, and our Green team focuses on three broad initiatives that center around recycling and reusing of three precious resources — paper, plastic, and power.

Continuous improvementShow Details

Our culture of continuous improvement reflects in our people, our policies and practices, and our transparent performance management (PM) process.

The PM process obtains continuous performance feedback and enhances the skills of our team members through a robust learning and development platform. Our process improvement framework helps implement continuous improvements, and then monitors their progress to ensure unsurpassed service delivery, efficiency, and quality.

RecognitionShow Details

In line with our culture of continuous improvement initiative, our recognition programs acknowledge, appreciate, and reward team member excellence in a structured and measurable way. We also encourage team members to recognize each other for outstanding work.

Learning and developmentShow Details

Our People as a Competitive Advantage (PACA) initiative lays the foundation for a well-structured learning and development program aimed at sharpening and broadening the skills of team members. We prefer to promote from within whenever possible and providing our team with training and education aids in this goal.

Fun environmentShow Details

We are aware that team members spend a large part of their day at work. With this in mind, our goal is to provide a culture that’s not only success driven but fun. Our initiative, FACE (Fun, Association, Culture, and Entertainment) keeps team members engaged and involved.
Our team members are the foundation of Wells Fargo India Solutions, and their feedback is a valuable resource used in our decision making process. We use team feedback to identify what’s working well and what isn’t. Read what our team members, from three different areas of the company, have to say about working with us.
How would you describe the Wells Fargo India Solutions work environment in a few words?

It’s an environment that fosters out-of-the-box thinking, and career growth for deserving team members with technology as its primary business enabler.

What do you look forward to most when you come in to work each day at Wells Fargo India Solutions?

A positive vibe that engulfs us as we walk in to the Wells Fargo India Solutions premises each day, resulting in a buzz of dedicated team members, all going about doing their work and wearing a smile.

Vikas G.
Shared Services

What makes Wells Fargo India Solutions a great place to work?

Transparency in the work culture and individual recognition.

How has Wells Fargo India Solutions helped you grow personally and professionally?

At Wells Fargo India Solutions, I have come to know what exactly “enjoying your work” means. Professionally, I have learned new technologies and processes. Working with lines of business partners has been an altogether new environment for me, where each day is a new challenge. On the personal front, I have made a lot of new friends in a very short span of time.

Thanuj M.

What has been your experience with senior leadership at Wells Fargo India Solutions?

Every experience and interaction with the leadership team at Wells Fargo India Solutions is indeed a learning experience. I feel honored to be part of an organization where the leadership is accessible and reachable at any point in time, without having to follow the conventional protocol of following the line of hierarchy.

Describe a typical day in your work life?

I get inspiration from the message of our CEO John G. Stumpf, “Companies are made up of human beings who make mistakes. When we make them we admit them, learn from them, then we keep moving forward with even more understanding, guided by the same values toward the same vision.” This is a typical day scenario which helps me hone my skills and stand up to the world class Wells Fargo India Solutions standards.

Mohammad A.