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Viewing or Editing Your Applications and Resume

Go to the My Applications page to view anything you've submitted to Wells Fargo, make updates, withdraw an application, or complete any unfinished tasks. You'll find links to your current profile, contact information, completed and draft applications, and resumes you've uploaded. (If applicable, you'll also have a link to the Employment Screening page.)

1. Updating your profile
To create or update your profile in advance of applying for a job, click the Create or Update Your Profile button on the My Applications page. Note: Submitting a profile is an optional way to make your qualifications available to recruiters or to prepare for applying later. To actually apply for a job, you must also go to a Job Description (by clicking a job title from Job Search results or your Job Cart), then click Apply Now.

When you click Update Profile, the information you see will always include your most recently saved changes. Changes are saved whenever you edit your profile or any application and click Save and Continue, Save as Draft (profile only), or Submit. Those changes are not visible to anyone but you unless you click Submit. By clicking Cancel, your entries on the most recent page will not be saved. (Cancel does not affect pages you have already saved.)

The next time you apply for a job, you'll see those changes within the new application. Updating your profile does not change previous applications or draft applications (except for any edits you make to the Contact Information section).

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2. Updating your contact information
Using the Update Contact Information link, you can edit your Contact Information and just click Save and Continue. Changes to your Contact Information apply to all your job applications and profile (including previous applications and draft applications). By clicking Cancel, your entries on the most recent page will not be saved. (Cancel does not affect pages you have already saved.)
  • If you edit your email address here, remember to use the new address next time you sign on.

    Make changes to your profile status here and choose Searchable or Non-Searchable. (See the Profile Status topic on the Creating Your Profile and Applying for Jobs page of this Help Center.)

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3. Viewing your submitted applications
  • Displaying the list of applications. The My Applications table contains a row for each job you applied for. The status of your application is also visible to you for each requisition in which you have applied. If you have applied for many jobs, you can filter your list using the dropdown list. Select which time period you want to view and click the Refresh button. Use the small links on the right side of the table to move back or forward through your list, or click View All.
  • Viewing jobs and applications. For each job you applied for:
    • Click the job title to view the job description
    • Click View Application to view your application.
    • If you are no longer interested in a job, you may withdraw your application if the current application status does not show declined, hired or withdrawn (see section 5 below).
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4. Editing draft applications
Click Edit Draft to make further edits to a draft application or to submit it. Once you save an application as a draft, you must complete it separately and changes to one draft do not affect another saved draft. (However, every time you click Save and Continue, Save as Draft or Submit, your changes will be saved where you'll see them next time you click Update Your Profile or apply for new jobs.

You may remove any job from a draft application before you submit it. If you no longer wish to submit a draft application (you don't want to apply for any of the jobs on it), here's how to delete the draft:
  1. Click the Edit Draft link.
  2. On the application, click the checkbox next to each job, then click the Delete button.
  3. A new screen will ask you to confirm that you want to delete all the jobs. Click Yes.

You'll be returned to the My Applications page, and your draft application will no longer display on the list. If you delete all draft applications, the Complete Your Draft Applications link will no longer display at the top of My Applications and the Job Search Home page.

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5. Withdrawing an application
If you are no longer interested in a job that you applied for, you may remove yourself from consideration if the current application status does not show declined, hired or withdrawn.
  1. In the My Applications list, find the job title and click the Select checkbox in the right column of that row. You can withdraw from multiple jobs at once by clicking additional boxes.
  2. Click the Withdraw button at the bottom of the list.
  3. You'll see a list of the applications you selected. Confirm your intention to withdraw by clicking Yes.
  4. On the new screen, select the reason you are withdrawing your application(s), and click Submit.
    You'll be returned to the My Applications page, and the job(s) you're no longer applying for will now have a status of "Withdrawn."

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6. Viewing your resumes
  • Click a resume title to view the resume. (You can also access an attached resume when you view an application.)
  • You cannot delete resumes from this list or from applications you already submitted.
  • You can't add a new resume directly from the My Applications page. Whenever you update your profile, edit a draft application, or apply for new jobs, you can add a new resume or re-attach an earlier resume.
  • You can only attach one resume per profile or application.
A recruiter only sees one resume at any given time. (See the Profile Status topic on the Creating a Profile and Applying for Jobs page in this Help Center.).

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7. Viewing or editing Basic Eligibility and Self-Identification pages
  • Click Edit Basic Eligibility Responses to update your eligibility responses if your situation has changed since you last answered these questions.
  • Click Edit Self Identification & Tax Credit Questionnaire if you declined to answer the questions earlier, or if your situation has changed. The questions on this page are optional.

    Important: If you submit updated answers, you are also submitting your entire profile, including any edits you may have saved earlier without submitting.

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Relevant military experience is considered for veterans and transitioning service men and women.
Wells Fargo is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran.
EEO is the Law