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Find a Job Help Center

Registration and Sign On

You can search for jobs without signing on, but you must register and sign on to:

  • Save jobs to a job cart
  • Use the save search feature
  • Designate a job agent
  • Create a profile
  • Submit an application

1. How to register
1. Begin the registration process by clicking on the Register Now link from the Job Search Home page, or when you are prompted to because you have selected a function that requires you to sign on.

2. Enter an email address and password.

  • Email Address. The email address you enter will function as your user name. It will also be stored in your contact information. Any automated emails from Find a Job will be sent to this address.
  • Password. Your password must be at least six characters. It can include any combination of letters, numbers, and the following characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ). No other special characters are permitted.

3. Click the Register button.

To change your email address after you have registered:

  1. Sign on first using the email address you used last time.
  2. Click the Update Your Contact Information link (on the Job Search Home page or the My Applications page).
  3. Enter the new email address.
  4. Click Save.

Use the new email address next time you sign on.

To change your password:

  1. Sign on first using the password you used last time.
  2. Click the Change Password link and follow the page instructions.

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2. Troubleshooting
If nothing happens when you try to sign on with your email address and password, you may have pressed the Enter key, which does not submit your entries. Click the Sign On button instead.

If the system cannot find your email address when you try to sign on:

  • You may have changed your email address within your profile or application (under Contact Information). If so, enter the new address when you sign on.
  • You may have entered the address incorrectly the first time and now you cannot match it. If you would like to recover information you entered before, please use the Contact Us page to request assistance in correcting the email address for you. Or you may create a new account. Click Register Now instead of Sign On, and enter the new information.

If you get an error saying your password is incorrect, here are some possible reasons and solutions:

  • Passwords are case sensitive. Check your capitalization, or see if the Caps Lock key is on.
  • You can’t remember the password. Click the Email and Password Help link. You’ll see registration tips similar to what is shown above, but you’ll also be able to submit a request for a new temporary password. You’ll receive a system-generated password via email, which expires in 24 hours. (You can access the Email and Password Help page in the Find a Job browser window, not in this Help Center window.)
  • You received a temporary password, but it expired. Simply click the Email and Password Help link to request another one. You do not need to contact a person at Wells Fargo — the system can generate a password for you.

Note: The system will lock you out after four unsuccessful attempts to sign on. Once you are locked out, you’ll be taken to the Email and Password Help page.

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