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Creating Your Profile and Applying for Jobs

Your profile includes your contact information (which may be updated separately), job preferences, qualifications and responses to two sets of questions. You can create your profile, or update it, with or without applying for jobs.

Contact Information

Profile or Application (Main Page)

Eligibility and Self-Identification

Review and Submit

13. Review

1. Where to start
You must register and sign on before you can create a profile or apply for jobs. You can create or update your profile before you select and apply for a job (recommended). When you apply, your profile is automatically included in the application, and you may modify it before you submit it.

  • To create a profile without applying for a job, click the Create Your Profile link on the Registration Confirmation screen, the Job Search Home page, or the My Applications page.

Note: Once you have created a profile, you will not see the Create Your Profile link again. Instead, you will see a link to Update Your Profile (or Complete Your Draft Applications: for more information on draft applications, see View Applications and Resume).

  • To create your profile as part of the application process:

An application is a version of your profile that contains a link to the job you are applying for, and is saved separately at the time you submit it.

  1. Click the Apply Now link from your job cart or a job description.
  2. Next, you'll see an introductory screen that explains what information you'll need, including start and end dates for your current and previous jobs, and your resume file, if you would like to add one.

To save your profile to finish later
If you are not able to finish a profile in one session, select the Save as Draft button (profile only; not available on applications). This will save what you've entered so far. Now you can navigate elsewhere or sign off. To finish later, go to the My Applications page and find the link to open and complete your work.

Note: Be sure to use the correct link when returning to a draft. If you are finishing an application, do not use the Update Your Profile link -- find the Edit Draft link specific to the job on that application.

Saving your information
Our secure servers have a time limit. To avoid losing any information as you complete your profile, please click one of the buttons at least every 20 minutes:

  • Save as Draft. Available on the profile only, not on applications; saves entries on the current page but does not go to next page)
  • Continue. Saves entries on the current page and goes to next page
  • Cancel. Clears your entries on the current page only (your entries on previous page were already saved). If you click Cancel while applying, any previously saved pages will be stored as a draft. For information on deleting drafts, see View Applications and Resume.

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Contact Information

2. What to expect
  • The first time you create a profile or apply, you'll complete the Contact Information page as the first step. It includes your email address, password link, phone numbers, address, and profile status.
  • After the first time, when you apply again or update your profile, you won't see the Contact Information page. Contact information will be summarized on the profile or application review page.
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3. Email and phone
Choose the way you'd like to be contacted:
  • Registration Information. This section includes the email address you used when you signed on. This address is also used for emails sent from the Find a Job system. If you change the email address in your contact information, enter the updated email address the next time you sign on to Find a Job.
  • Phone. To include more than one phone number, click Add Another Phone Number . For each number you include, also select the phone type. Click the Remove link to delete a number.
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4. Profile status
There are two types of profile status: Searchable and Non-Searchable. The status you choose will apply to all versions of your profile and applications that you submit.
  • A searchable profile status allows Wells Fargo recruiters to discover your profile (including resume) in a search for candidates. If you have submitted more than one application or have updated your profile, the version a recruiter sees will vary:
    • When reviewing applications for a specific job, members of the recruiting team who posted the job will see your application for that job. They do not see references to other jobs you may have applied to at the same time, or any previous applications.
    • When searching the job seeker database for candidates who might be qualified for a job opening, recruiters will see profiles that match their search terms. Only one profile version is displayed per candidate; the version that best matches the recruiter's search criteria.
    • When a recruiter identifies your profile as one that might interest a manager or another recruiter, he or she can forward the profile. The system always forwards the most recent profile.
  • If you choose the non-searchable status, your profile will be seen only by the hiring teams for the jobs you apply for (as described in the first bullet above).

    You can change your profile status at any time. A profile status change does not occur instantly, but takes effect the next time the database refreshes (several times a day).
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5. Updating your contact information
  • Whenever you need to update your contact information, click the Update Your Contact Information link on the Job Search Home page or the My Applications page. Click Save when you are finished.
  • Note: Unlike any other part of your profile, changes you make in this section are made automatically to applications you have already submitted, so that Wells Fargo can contact you at your latest email address or phone number.
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Profile or Application (Main Page)

6. What to expect
The Profile or Application main page is the heart of your profile and any job application — the place where you enter your job preferences, education, employment history, and other qualifications. You may also attach a resume here.
  • If you clicked Create or Update Your Profile, the main page is labeled Profile. No job is attached, so this is not an application.
  • If you click the job title link to view the Job Descripton, then click Apply Now, the main page is labeled Application. There are two sections: Apply for This Job, which shows the job you selected, and Application Profile, which is just a specific version of your profile that is linked to this job.
  • When you apply for jobs again, or click Update Your Profile (from the Job Search Home page or the My Applications page), you'll always see your most recently saved information.
  • Each time you apply for a new job, you can make changes to the Application Profile before you submit it. Once you submit it, you can't make changes to this version (except for your contact information).
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7. Preferences
All fields in this section are optional. If you are looking for part-time work, you may want to enter the days and hours you are available for work. Entering your preferred geographic location will help recruiters know your preference if a job has openings in multiple locations.

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8. Adding a resume
  • Adding a resume. If you have a resume, you may upload it, or copy and paste it into your profile. Since the contents of your resume may be similar to the information you would add to the profile fields (Work Experience, Education, etc.) it is up to you whether you attach a resume or complete the profile fields -- neither is required. You may choose how best to present your qualifications. (See Important: Licenses and Certificates, below, for an exception.)
    • Uploading a resume attachment allows you to customize the look and feel of your qualifications and to highlight information that doesn't correspond to the profile fields.
    • Completing the fields allows managers to view all your qualifications together in a standard format.
  • Resume limits
    • You can only attach one resume to each application or profile. Managers do not see all resumes, just the one attached to the profile or application they are viewing.
    • For uploaded resumes, acceptable file formats are: doc, docx, pdf, rtf and txt, and the file size should not exceed 1 MB.
    • For text pasted into the resume field, the character limit is 32,000. Review and edit carefully before you click Save -- you cannot return and edit saved resume text later (but you can replace it entirely by clicking "Use a Different Resume").
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9. Adding your qualifications
To enter information in the sections for Work Experience, Education History, Licenses and Certificates, and Languages, click the Add link. You'll be taken to a page to enter details.

After each entry, click the Save & Add More button to enter more information in the same section, or click Save & Return to go back to the main profile page. When you return to the main page, you'll see a summary of the details you just entered.

Here are some tips for each section:

  • Work Experience. If you are adding the job where you are currently employed, leave the end date blank. (If you enter "To Present" you'll get an error.)

  • Education History. Enter the state (or change the country if you need to). For states other than California or New York, select your school from the dropdown list.

    To select a school in California or New York
    1. Next to the School field, click the magnifying glass icon. You'll see the Look Up School page
    2. Enter the letter your school's name begins with.
    3. Click the Look Up button.
    4. Click the school name to choose it, which will return you to the Add Education History detail page.
    5.If your school name is not displayed, click Cancel to return to the detail page, and enter your school name in the Other field.
    6. Enter your major and degree.
  • Important: Licenses and Certificates. Select these from the dropdown list. When you apply for a position that requires a license or certificate, the system will check your entries in this section — it will not discover licenses and certificates you enter in a resume. If license or certificate is required for a job and you don't have it, or you have it but don't select it here, the system will decline your application. If you earn the license or certificate later, you may reapply for the job.
  • Languages. If you are proficient in languages other than English, list them here.
  • Referral Information. By telling us how you heard about the position, you help us to track the most effective methods of attracting potential team members. You're required to complete this section for each application you submit.
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Eligibility and Self-Identification

10. Overview
When you create your profile or apply for jobs the first time, you'll be taken to two pages of questions: Basic Eligibility, and the Self-Identification and Tax Credit Questionnaire.

After the first time, if you want to submit updated answers to the questions, use the links on the My Applications page. You'll also have links available on the main Profile or Application page next time you apply for jobs or update your profile.

Important: If you submit updated answers, you are also submitting your entire profile, including any edits you may have saved earlier without submitting.

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11. Basic Eligibility
You're required to answer all the questions on the Basic Eligibility page. If you are not eligible for employment at Wells Fargo, you'll receive an email.
  • If you become eligible later — for example, you receive authorization to work in the United States — you may update your answers and reapply for jobs.
  • Answering these questions does not fulfill standard criminal background check requirements. That is a separate screening that is required for all new hires.
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12. Self-Identification and Tax Credit Questionnaire
This page includes two optional sections:

  • Self-Identification. If you choose to, provide your gender and racial/ethnic group. This information is used only governmental reporting requirements and will not be considered in making any employment decisions.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Note that these questions relate to a tax credit for employers, not for job seekers.
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Review and Submit

13. Review
After you complete all your entries to your profile or application, you will see a review page displaying your information. If you wish to make changes, click the Edit button to return to the page you need to fix. Back to Top
14. How to submit
If you are applying for a job:
  • To submit your application, click the Submit Profile and Apply button.
  • To cancel an application, click Cancel. Your application will be saved as a draft. To remove the draft, select the draft on the My Applications page and delete the attached job. (See the View My Applications help page for more detail.) The information you saved on each page of the process is saved within your profile.

If you are creating or updating your profile without applying for a job, click Submit Profile. Whether you submit or cancel, any information you added on previous pages is now saved and will be included in future applications (unless you change it again).

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15. After you submit your profile or application
  • You will receive an email confirming that your updated profile or application has been received. (Note: This email is not an offer of employment.)
  • You can view what you have submitted on the My Applications page.
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See the View Applications and Resumes page of this Help Center for information on how your profile information is saved.
Relevant military experience is considered for veterans and transitioning service men and women.
Wells Fargo is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran.
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