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Find a Job Help Center

Searching for Jobs

You can search for Wells Fargo jobs directly from the home page of Find a Job, or click the Advanced Search link for more options. If you find jobs that interest you, you’ll need to register and sign on to save jobs in your cart, save search criteria to use again later, have new job openings emailed to you, or apply for jobs.

1. General search tips

Before clicking Search, you must choose or enter at least one item to search for.

When you enter or choose criteria in several fields, you are requesting a list of jobs that meet all the requirements you enter. Each term you add will narrow down the list of results. (For more information on what happens when you enter multiple terms, see the “Searching by keyword section” below.) .

Example: You enter Accounting in the Job Family field and get 20 results. Then you select San Francisco in the Location section as well. Now you get four results – only the accounting jobs that are in San Francisco.

Search field details
  • Job Family. The dropdown list includes Wells Fargo’s job categories. If you select All Job Families, you must select at least one other search parameter.
  • Location
    • Once you select a state, you will see regions display, and once you select a region the cities will display. When you select a large city, you may see an additional column allowing you to search by neighborhood.
    • Each level of the location search is optional. For example, you can select a state (or multiple states) without selecting a region, or a region without selecting a city.
    • To select multiples, choose one location, then hold the Control key (or Command key for Macintosh) while you select another. If you select multiples, you will not see anything display in the next column. For example, if you select Iowa and Nebraska, you will not see a display of regions.
  • Requisition Number. This is an identification number assigned to each job posting. You may learn of a requisition number through a conversation with a recruiter or manager, an online or print advertisement, or an email informing you of a job opening.
  • Jobs Posted Within and Jobs Posted Since (Advanced Search only). Both of these allow you to search by dates, but you can only use one date search method at a time.
  • Desired Pay (Advanced Search only). Jobs are included in your search results if the amount you enter is within the job’s hiring pay range.
  • Telecommute Option. Some jobs can be performed remotely or from any location. If you check the Telecommute Option box, you will only see jobs for which the recruiter wishes to advertise this option. Definitions of this option will vary, and the absence of this designation may not rule out the possibility of working remotely. Any details regarding this option will be determined at the time of hire, and are subject to change.

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2. Searching by keyword

Use keywords to search for terms that appear in a job’s title or description fields
(including job description, minimum qualifications, and preferred skills).

Note: Job titles and descriptions may include abbreviations or acronyms. Also, managers are encouraged to advertise jobs using plain English titles and descriptions, which may differ from the default title and description.

If your search includes keywords, note the following:

Keyword Search Behavior
Character/Text/Words and Their Effect on Search Results

“,” (comma)
A comma between keywords means or. For example, search results for training, manager will include all jobs that include either word. Jobs with both words will receive higher ranking in your results.

Using or between search terms works the same as a comma, above.

Search terms enclosed with quotation marks
Searches for the exact word or phrase. For example, entering “training manager” will not return the word training unless it appears before manager. This is the best method for finding exact matches to a term or phrase.

Two or more words without commas or quotes
Searches for the exact phrase, but also includes the space after each word. Similar to using quotes above.

If you type and between two search terms, results will include jobs with both words somewhere within the job description fields – but not necessarily together. For example, results for training and manager could include a job with the title Operations Manager and a description that mentions training requirements. If only one of the terms is found, the job will not appear in your results. (If you want results for either term, use a comma or or.)

If you enter not between two words, results will include jobs that include the first word, minus jobs that also include the second term. For example, training not manager, will exclude training manager, or a job with the title Operations Manager and a description that mentions training requirements.

“*” (asterisk)
Use with a partial word to conduct a wildcard search. For example, if you type manag*, your results include the words manager and management.

“;” (semicolon)
Do not use semicolons – no results will return.

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3. Search results

After you click Search, the page refreshes with a list of jobs that meet your search criteria. From this list you can:

  • View a job description. Click the job title to go to the Job Description page. For more about this page, see the "Job description" section below.
  • View your search terms. By default, the search results page does not redisplay the search terms you entered. To view them again or change them, click the Show icon next to the Search Criteria heading. Click the Hide icon to hide them again.
  • Save a job to your job cart. If you are registered and signed on, the job cart allows you to select jobs and save them to review later. To save a job to your job cart from the search results page, click the checkbox to the left of the job title (you may select multiple jobs at once), then click the Save to Job Cart button. For more about this page, see the "Job cart" section below.
  • Apply for a job. From the search results page, click the checkbox to the left of the job title, then click the Apply Now button. You must be signed on to apply.

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4. Job description

On the Job Description page, you can:

  • Read about the job. Learn about the job duties, its location, and its required qualifications.
  • Save the job to your job cart. To save a job description to review or apply for later, just click the Save to Job Cart button. You must be signed on to save jobs to the cart. For more about using the cart, see the "Job cart" section below.
  • Forward the job information to a friend. If you know someone else who might be interested in this job, click the Email This Job button. You do not need to be signed on to use this feature. See the "Email a job" section below for instructions.
  • Apply for the job. Click Apply Now to attach this job to an application. See Create Profile and Apply for Jobs for more information. You must be signed on to apply for jobs.

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5. Job cart

The Job Cart page is available if you are registered and signed on.

  • Find your saved jobs again by clicking the Job Cart link (in the navigation links at the top of most pages in Jobs).
  • To apply for a job in your cart, click the checkbox next to the job, then click Apply Now.
  • A job remains in your cart until you delete it, even if you apply for it, the posting expires, or it is filled. If a job in your cart is later filled, its status will be displayed as Filled, and if you attempt to apply for it, a message will inform you that the position is no longer available.
  • To delete jobs from your cart, select the checkbox next to one or more jobs, then click the Delete button.

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6. Email a job

To forward a job link to someone else, start from the Job Description page and click the Email This Job button.

On the Email This Job page:
1. Complete the required name and email fields. Add a personal note if you wish, or leave the pre-filled message as shown.
  • Your email address displays for your recipient, but is not clickable. The name in the "From" field on the email is "Wells Fargo Recruiting."
  • You can add to or edit the text shown in the "Message" box. The text in this box will be labeled as "Note from [Your Name]" within the email.
2. Click Send to generate an email from "Wells Fargo Recruiting," which will include a link to the job description along with your message.

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7. Saving searches and using job agents

Saving a search allows you to use your search criteria again without re-entering each search term. At the time you save a search, you can also set it up as a job agent, which will email job postings alerts to you based on the saved criteria.

What a job agent does
A job agent runs your search automatically every Monday through Friday evening for a 90-day period. If the search finds any new jobs that meet your criteria, you will receive an email and a message in the Job Agent Alerts box on the Job Search Home page. The next time the agent searches for you, it checks for new jobs added since your last email — you don't receive duplicate emails. The email lists up to five new job titles and will tell you if more jobs were found.

To retrieve the job descriptions you can:

  • Go to the Find a Job site and search for one job by entering the requisition number (shown in the email).
  • Run your saved search again to retrieve the links to all the matching jobs (which may be more than the five-job limit of the email). The link to your saved search appears in your Job Agent Alerts box and on the My Saved Searches and Job Agents page.

To save a search or set up a job agent, start on the basic Job Search page and click the Advanced Job Search tab.

  1. On the Advanced Job Search page, enter your criteria, then click the Save Search/Job Agent button.

    Note: If you want to complete a search first (before saving the criteria), click the Search button. You will see your search results, but you will no longer see the criteria or the Save Search/Job Agent button. To view search criteria again within the search results page, just click the Show link in the bar above the search results. Now you can see and click the Save Search/Job Agent button.
  2. On the Save Search or Job Agent page, name your search.
  3. Choose how you want to use your saved criteria.
    • To use this search as a job agent, click the “Create a job agent” option if it is not already selected. Enter the email address where you’d like to receive the alerts.
    • Click the “Just Save Criteria” option if you want to run your saved search in the future, but you don’t want to receive alerts.
  4. Click Save Search/Job Agent.
  5. You'll be taken to the My Saved Searches and Job Agents page, with your new search listed. Each saved search has a link to edit or delete the search, and a button to run the search. Return to this page anytime, by clicking the My Searches/Job Agents link at the top of most pages.

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To stop receiving job agent alerts, or make changes to your searches, go to the My Searches/Job Agents page.
  • Click Delete if you want to remove a search or job agent completely.
  • Click Edit if you want to make changes. You’ll see the Advanced Job Search page in step 1, where you can edit your saved criteria. Click Save and Continue. Next you’ll see step 2, which allows you to change the search type (switch between Job Agent and Saved Search) and the email address. Click Save when you are finished.
Relevant military experience is considered for veterans and transitioning service men and women.
Wells Fargo is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran.
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