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One of the important elements in any business is marketing. Marketing techniques have changed and evolved over the years and they will continue to develop in new ways that we cannot even imagine at the moment. But it will always be important to have several ways to communicate with prospects and customers.

To accomplish this, you must obtain the contact information of your current customers and potential customers. A database can then help you maintain constant communication in various ways with potential customers and your existing customers. We will focus on how to collect information through an opt-in webpage.

Design the page with a clear offer

Start by designing a web page to capture the information. Just as with your business's website, the page should have a simple and clear design that clearly indicates what you want users to do on this page. In this case the goal is to have them provide their contact information.

It is recommended that you include information on how users and prospects can receive free and valuable content, in exchange for entering their name, email, or even their cell phone number. This can be a series of three to five short videos that are informative and of great value for your audience. Another option is a self-evaluation form that serves your prospects' needs and may be downloadable in PDF format.

The data collected can be stored in a database which should be programmed to auto-respond, sending an email and giving automatic access to the information that you offered.

Get interested parties to the "opt-in" page

You might ask, "how do I get interested people to reach my "opt-in" capture page?"

  • On your social pages you can let your followers know they can receive free, valuable content and send them to the opt-in page.
  • You can also share related articles or videos that you have created, or from other sources, and invite readers to choose to see more information and content for free.
  • Optimize your page with relevant keywords so that, over time, Google will likely find it, and when people search for specific information with related keywords, your page appears in Google's main search results.
  • Use paid ads in Google AdWords, which appear for people looking for information related to what your ad offers.

You might have to learn, or delegate to someone, the development and design tools to gather information and keep in communication with your customers and prospects. Additionally, it will be important for you and your team to protect the private information you gather from them. Consider the following actions:

  • Installing software to protect your network, servers, and online applications from intrusion, and to scan downloads for malware.
  • Use strong, complex passwords, and update them every 60-90 days.
  • Execute frequent and encrypted backups.
  • Replace the default password on wireless routers with a new one and change the settings so your wireless name isn’t public.
Once you have established a relationship of trust and demonstrated authority in the subject through your marketing communication post their opt-in, you can more directly offer the sale of your products and services.