Transcript: Vobecky Enterprises: Business leader, community partner

I felt like I wanted to do something. Like there was a higher purpose for me.

I wanted to start a company that would benefit the community, bring a service that’s needed, and give back.

My name is Bianca Vobecky, president of Vobecky Enterprises. Vobecky Enterprises is a construction company that specializes in tenant improvement work, and we also move freight nationwide.

In 2006, I started the business in one room in my house. It was only myself and my sister, who worked part-time doing the accounting work.

And now, we have nine full-time employees, two part-time employees, 25 subcontractors, and we’re planning on hiring more people. 

In the male-dominated industry that I’m in, I had to learn that there’s only one Bianca Vobecky and one Vobecky Enterprises, and so standing out and being different was very important to us.

A lot of people helped us when we were getting started. That’s why we’re proud to join the local organizations; we want to mentor smaller companies.

And even though while I’m mentoring someone that’s just starting out, I’m learning from them as well, and I’m becoming a better leader as I do it.

Networking was a big part of our growth. People do business with people they know, they like, and they trust. And it takes a while to build that relationship.

So, I went to a lot of conferences, went to a lot of trade shows, and met as many people as I could.

It was important for us to get out there and meet the business community, get them to feel comfortable with us, and that way, they knew us before we started on their first contract.

Even though I have a business degree, before I started the company, I still didn’t know how to manage my finances. We were having difficult times getting lines of credit.

I met someone from Wells Fargo who explained to me the difference between short-term debt versus long-term debt.

And that education was crucial. Because right after that, I was able to manage my accounting and my debt ratio, and within a couple months, we were getting approved for all the financial resources that we needed.

Our relationship with Wells Fargo has evolved from the beginning to now. It just keeps growing. So, as we need more services, they’re always there to give us the resources that we need.

My plan for the company is either to acquire new talent or train our current staff to take more key management positions, so I can have more time in developing and growing the company.

I have a dashboard that I keep my short-term goals and my long-term goals on. I update it every week. So, it’s a constant reminder of where I see the company going, and what I need to do.

My advice for small businesses is to educate yourself as much as you can in the industry, work more on your business, not as much as in your business, and also always be positive. Never give up.

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