Transcript: Climax Jerky: How I strategically grew my business

When I first started the business it was so that I could get out and enjoy the mountains, where I lived. Now the business has evolved to being profitable for myself, my family, as well as all the other families that work for us.

I’m Brooke, I’m the owner of Climax Jerky. We wholesale, we retail, and we have an e-commerce business as well.

When I first started out, it was myself and my dog selling roadside up across from Climax Mine, on Fremont Pass.

Our next step was the farmers market.

Farmers markets are a great venue for us. People, when they come to farmers markets, they’re looking for a locally made, small business-owned type of product. And we definitely fit in that niche. We’re Colorado-owned and Colorado-made.

After that, we opened two locations at Denver International Airport, and it went so well that we opened a third location. People would come through and see our kiosk. Maybe they didn’t buy jerky from us right then, but they would grab a brochure and take it home and order online.

This really helped us to expand our e-commerce business.

We’ve learned about trying to get people’s email addresses, so that we can do a monthly email. And we’ve been doing more social media blasts. So, learning about all of those different avenues has been a challenge, but it’s fun.

We are currently laying the foundation down for being able to franchise. So, getting the background POS system, the inventory, the numbers working.

And then we’ll look at our production side, make sure we can produce enough. But we’re looking forward to how we may be able to translate to other locations, maybe around the country.

It’s good to not overspend in the beginning, before you really know if something is going to work. And that’s one thing we’ve always tried to do for the e-commerce. So that taught me a lot too, about creating the structure you need to grow a business.

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