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Four steps to switching your business checking account

1. Open an account

Open and fund a new business checking account with Wells Fargo. Unsure which one is the best fit for your business? Compare accounts now.

2. Enroll and get the app

Enroll in Wells Fargo Business Online® banking, and download the Wells Fargo Mobile® app to manage your account from virtually anywhere, at any time.

3. Switch your payments

Move recurring payments and payroll funding to your new account — online, by phone, or at a branch.

4. Close your old account

Once any activity has cleared with the old account, destroy any checks or cards, and notify your bank to close your account.

Tips on switching payments and closing an old account

Switching payments

Simplify your switch

Switch all your recurring payments, payroll funding, and merchant services transactions from your old account to your new account. Depending on the payee, you may be able to switch these transactions online or by phone.

  • Change scheduled payments. Let companies you pay know to begin debiting requested payments from your new Wells Fargo account and business debit card. This might include things like utility bills and loan payments.
  • Switch payroll funding. Let your payroll services provider know to begin funding payroll from your new Wells Fargo account.
  • Switch merchant card transactions. If your business accepts payments made by credit and debit cards, you’ll also need to switch the account you deposit these funds into.

Tip: Use our organizer (PDF) to track the information you need to switch recurring payments and deposits to your new Wells Fargo business checking account. You won’t need to submit the form to anyone at Wells Fargo. It’s just a reminder checklist to help with your account transition.

You can also complete our Scheduled Payment Transfer Letter (PDF) and send it to your providers and vendors if you would rather not transfer by phone or online.

Need help switching your merchant services? Schedule a complimentary payment processing review.

Closing your old account

Some helpful tips for closing your old account

  • Once you've received your new Wells Fargo checks and debit cards, stop using and destroy the checks and debit cards associated with your old account.
  • Allow time for outstanding checks, debit card purchases, and previously scheduled payments to clear — usually around 10 - 15 business days.
  • When you’ve confirmed that all previously scheduled transactions have been switched and all outstanding transactions have cleared, give your old bank a call to close the account. You can also send our Business Account Closing Letter (PDF) to your previous bank. This letter will notify your previous bank to close your account and send you a check for the remaining balance.

Make sure you receive confirmation that your account is closed. This will help avoid already-scheduled transactions from being processed using your old account after you've closed it.

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