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Business Savings Account – Automatic Transfers Video

Transcript: Wells Fargo Presents: Business Savings Account — Automatic Transfers

Automatic Transfers: Propel Your Business Forward

You want your business to be successful, but it takes a lot of pieces working together to make it happen. Your customers, your marketing strategy, and your cash flow management can all help you reach your goals. Have you considered how a business savings account can be one of the tools that helps you efficiently manage your cash flow along the way?

Say you want to invest in new equipment. Wells Fargo makes it easy to build a dedicated source of funds while you focus your efforts on other things. Choose how much you want to save and set up monthly recurring automatic transfers from your business checking account to your business savings account. When you’re ready, use the funds you’ve saved to help pay for that new equipment.

As your business grows, your business savings account will be there for the unexpected encounters, too. Changes in cash flow, from things like unanticipated repairs to sudden spikes in supply costs, could slow your business down. But the cushion of savings you’ve built up can help cover the costs.

Keeping your business moving is easier when you have an efficient way to manage your cash flow. A business savings account will work seamlessly with all the other moving parts to give your business the boost it needs. So focus on your long- and short-term business goals, and use your Wells Fargo business savings account to help you reach success.