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Business ATM/Debit Card Alerts

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DescriptionWith business ATM/debit card alerts, it’s easy to stay informed about unusual activity on your Wells Fargo card.
What you can doSelect the alert you want to receive:
  • A purchase or ATM withdrawal is made from an international location
  • Your card was used to make a purchase over the Internet, by phone, or by mail order
  • Your purchases exceed an amount you choose
  • Your daily ATM withdrawals exceed an amount you choose
How it worksSimply choose the alert or alerts you wish to receive and the frequency. Let us know the email address you wish to use. You can add new alerts or change your preferences anytime.

Your alerts also will be available to you in your secure Messages & Alerts inbox (in your Wells Fargo Business Online® session).

Questions? Read our frequently asked questions.
CostBusiness ATM/debit card alerts are FREE1!
What you need to sign upYou need to have:
  • Online access to a Wells Fargo banking account
  • A valid email address
How to sign up
  1. Sign on to Messages & Alerts.
  2. Select the Set Up/Modify Alerts tab.
  3. Look for the ATM/Debit Card Unusual Activity Alerts under the Security and General Alerts section and click on the Set Up link.
  4. Check the boxes next to the alerts you would like to receive.
Stay informed and feel more secure — add Business ATM/Debit Card alerts today.
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1 Your mobile carrier’s text messaging and web access charges may apply.