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Online Payroll Tour

Take this tour to see the benefits of full-service OptRight Payroll Solutions, and discover how you can seamlessly integrate your payroll and business banking under one roof.

In addition, watch our video, Tips for Outsourcing Payroll, for tips on how to choose a payroll service that’s right for your business.


Make your payroll process easier with a full-service solution that integrates your payroll and business banking needs under one roof. You can count on efficient payroll processing from a knowledgeable team, along with convenient 24/7 access to control your payroll and bank accounts through a single online portal. With your bank and payroll accounts accessed through business online banking, you can easily manage cash flow by quickly and easily transferring money between accounts to fund payroll and save time with online tools that help you streamline bookkeeping and easily manage your payroll and bank accounts.

Our full-service, integrated solutions make it easy for you to stay focused on your business. Take a look at how easy it is to manage your payroll using Wells Fargo OptRight Payroll Solutions.

With just a single sign-on to Business Online Banking, you'll see your payroll and business bank account seamlessly integrated. On the OptRight Payroll dashboard, you'll find the tools to help you efficiently manage your payroll tasks. The user-friendly menus make it easy to access options for payroll, personnel, reporting, and user access.

Under personnel, you can add new employees and contractors. Under company, you control what each member of your payroll staff can see or access within OptRight Payroll Solutions. The payroll task menu lets you see your next payroll, any payroll started, and any past payrolls from the last two months that weren't processed. You can also easily manage time-off accruals and handle tips and union calculations.

Now, let's set up a new payroll. To get started, click enter pay data. From the main payroll screen, you'll enter hours and verify pay amounts. If you're using a workforce management system, you can save time by importing payroll data.

To customize your sheet to add earning and deduction columns, click the customize grid link.

Next thing you know, all of your payroll totals have been instantly calculated based on the data you've entered. Nothing is final without your approval. You can always preview your payroll here or reset it and start again.

Want to view the details of a paycheck? Simply check the edit paycheck icon.

From the paycheck detail page, you can split hours, add additional rates of pay, earnings, and deductions, override a direct deposit, enter notes to appear on pay stubs, and even generate manual checks. Bold headings make it easy to see which screen and whose paycheck you're working on. Want to go back and forth between paychecks? Simply click the previous paycheck or next paycheck buttons. When you're done, you can preview your payroll.

On the preview summary screen, you'll see a snapshot of the payroll you just finished. You can easily preview the payroll register report, funding requirements, labor distribution report, delivery instructions, tax liabilities, vendor liabilities, and more. You can also quickly verify pay details. To support you along the way, you'll see a help window with tips about payroll functions. If you're done, simply click approve and submit.

As soon as you submit a payroll, you can quickly generate a variety of payroll reports, including payroll liabilities, payroll register, check reconciliation, direct deposits, earning statements, and more. You can even run multiple reports at the same time. Generating reports is as simple as selecting the check date, and you can save any report as a PDF file. Using QuickBooks, Wells Fargo OptRight Payroll Solutions makes it easy to export a general ledger file you can import into QuickBooks.

Another way you can save time and money with our payroll solution is by receiving your quarterly payroll tax reports online. Instead of mailing hard copies, use email to send soft copies to your accountant or CPA.

Now that you've seen how you can make your payroll processing seamless and efficient with Wells Fargo, let's take it a step further. As part of the OptRight payroll solution, the WageView tool helps make the distribution of pay stubs, W-2s, and 1099s more convenient.

With WageView’s secure website, you can provide your employees an easy way to view and print their own pay stubs and tax documents anytime. Gain peace of mind with an easy, efficient way for your employees to access their pay stubs, and find another way to save time and reduce expenses.

Now you’ve learned how easy it is to make your payroll processing and reporting more quick and efficient with Wells Fargo OptRight Payroll Solutions. With a full-service, integrated payroll solution from Wells Fargo, you can spend more time focused on moving your business forward. Get started today to experience the benefits of Wells Fargo OptRight Payroll Solutions. To learn more, speak with your Wells Fargo banker or visit

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