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OptRight® Time and Attendance Solutions

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Did you know your manual time cards could be costing you more than $1,300 per year in unproductive hourly wages?1
Wells Fargo OptRight Time and Attendance Solutions is a robust payroll system designed to automate employee time tracking, labor management, and scheduling. This comprehensive time clock payroll system allows you to track down errors and issues in your workforce to ensure a timely and accurate payroll.

Save time by automating your payroll

  • Eliminate manual preparation of time cards
  • Track employee hours, vacation, sick, and leave time automatically
  • View tardiness or absenteeism status instantly
  • Reduce the amount of time spent tracking down missing time sheets or punches
  • Automate time-off requests and approvals

Save money

  • Reduce time tracking and processing time
  • Prevent costly errors
  • Eliminate payment of unapproved overtime

Be more organized

  • Customize time and attendance reports
  • Stay organized with easy-to-access employee time and attendance information
  • Effectively manage expenses and cash flow by tracking labor costs
  • Easily integrate data with Payroll, HR, Account, MRP, ERP, and other applications
  • Integrate time and attendance tracking with HR and other key office systems
  • Ensure your business is in compliance with various regulations such as FMLA and FLSA
Call to Enroll1-800-421-4714
1 Calculation based on 10 employees, each starting work 3 minutes late or leaving 3 minutes early per day x $10 per hour x 280 days per year.
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