OptRight® Payroll Solutions

Streamline your payroll processing, so you have more time to focus on your business. With our full-service OptRight Payroll Solutions, you can seamlessly integrate your payroll and business banking needs under one roof, making it easier to control cash flow, and efficiently manage your accounts anytime with easy-to-use online tools.

From basic to complex payroll and tax services, we have a flexible payroll solution to meet your needs. Compare payroll solutions.

With OptRight Payroll Solutions, you can take advantage of reliable services that help you save time and may reduce expenses:

  • Easily control your cash flow with a single portal that integrates your payroll processing and Wells Fargo Business Online® Banking.
  • Save time by inputting payroll online and accessing reports from anywhere you are. You can view reports online or print a copy. Learn more about your options by taking a small business payroll tour.
  • Simplify your payroll with a knowledgeable team to handle processing and payroll tax reporting.
  • Increase efficiency with robust workforce management solutions that automate time and attendance tracking, and the WageView web portal where employees can access their own pay statements and related tax documents.

Having your payroll and business banking needs integrated under one roof can make it easier to manage cash flow and save money. With OptRight Payroll Solutions, you can:

  • Quickly fund payroll with seamless transfers between accounts online anytime.
  • Reduce expenses by having your employees use direct deposit and track their pay statements and year-end tax forms on the WageView website, all at no additional cost.
  • Easily manage cash flow by paying employees with cashier’s checks so you can better control the balance in your payroll account, reduce risk of fraud, and eliminate time-consuming check reconciliation.
  • Receive bank relationship discounts for funding payroll through your Wells Fargo business checking account, and no fees for direct deposit and check cashing.

With OptRight Payroll Solutions, you can count on payroll services that are efficient and secure, with our knowledgeable team dedicated to reliable processing and reporting.

  • Rely on accurate, on-time payroll tax deposits and filings or we’ll pay any fees and penalties.
  • Choose with confidence, knowing our services are backed with a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied during your first 90 days with us.

Employee advantages

With OptRight Payroll Solutions, your employees are eligible for personal Wells Fargo checking accounts and more with our Wells Fargo At WorkSM program.

As your business needs evolve, you can take advantage of additional Wells Fargo Business Payroll Services — all seamlessly integrated into your Wells Fargo online banking experience.

  • WageView
    Reduce expenses with a secure online portal where your employees can view, print, and save their payroll statements and year end tax forms.
  • Workforce Management Solutions
    Save valuable time with robust, easy-to-use tools to automate time and attendance tracking. By eliminating manual time-card processing, your business might save up to $11,000 per year in unproductive hourly wages.
  • Workers’ Compensation insurance
    Streamline your payroll by integrating workers’ compensation insurance payments automatically into your payroll process.
  • HR360TM With OptRight Payroll Solutions, you’ll have access to HR360, a convenient, online resource with the latest forms, posters, and business laws, as well as professional HR, benefits, and employment assistance online. You can also stay current on the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) of health care reform with information affecting individuals and employer-sponsored health plans.

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