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Once you sign up for OptRight Payroll Solutions, you can also subscribe to HR360. It’s like having an HR expert on staff, available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The HR360 site at is managed by a panel of expert authors with years of experience assisting clients, educating students and peers, and writing about HR, benefits, and related topics. It’s designed to support your small business every step of the way.

The HR360 site offers:

  • Easy-to-understand explanations and analysis of complicated federal laws, state laws, and confusing acronyms
  • More than 500 downloadable forms and posters — from new employee applications and time-off forms to termination letters, expense reports, and worker’s compensation posters
  • Guidelines and tips on how to interview, hire, and terminate personnel to help avoid costly lawsuits
  • The latest HR, benefits, and employment laws in key areas like COBRA subsidy information for individual states
To purchase HR360, customers must also process their payroll with Business Payroll Services.
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