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Business Payroll Services

OptRight® Payroll Solutions

Start managing your payroll in a faster, easier way, and take advantage of our tax guarantee.1

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Combine all your payroll and banking needs under one roof with Wells Fargo OptRight Payroll Solutions
See how managing your payroll can be faster and easier.

OptRight Payroll Solutions

Simplify your payroll process with convenient and cost-effective payroll and tax services for your business.

OptRight Time & Attendance Solutions

Automate your employee time-keeping system, and eliminate manual time card preparation and processing.

Workers’ Compensation

Streamline your business by automatically and seamlessly embedding workers’ compensation insurance solutions into your business payroll process.


Easily access forms, posters, and HR and benefits assistance to keep up to date with laws for small businesses.

Wells Fargo At WorkSM

Reward your employees with an employee benefits program that can help you attract and retain the best candidates while saving you time and money.
1 As long as the information you provide us is accurate and on time and your account is sufficiently funded, your payroll tax deposits and filings will be accurate and on time or we’ll pay any resulting fees and penalties assessed by the applicable agency.
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