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Transfers and Payments

Move money and pay business bills in an instant

Transfer money

With Wells Fargo Business Online®, you can:

  • Transfer money between accounts. Transfer money online between your Wells Fargo accounts and the accounts you have at other financial institutions.
  • Schedule transfers in advance. Manage your cash flow by setting up one-time or recurring transfers.
  • Use transfers to make payments. Make online payments to your business credit accounts from your checking or savings accounts at Wells Fargo and at other financial institutions.

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Pay business bills online

Easily pay invoices and bills anytime, without worrying about mail delays or potential late fees. With Business Bill Pay, you can virtually pay any individual or company in the U.S. quickly and securely.

We guarantee that your bills will be paid accurately and on time, as long as you schedule your payments properly in advance and have sufficient funds available in your account.

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Direct Pay

Make fast, secure electronic payments directly to U.S. bank accounts of vendors, employees, contractors (1099), and sales agents by direct deposit, including net pay, bonuses, commissions and expense reimbursements as soon as the next business day.

Help maximize cash flow by making large payments the next business day. ,

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Wire money around the globe

With Wells Fargo Business Online Wires, sending money to a bank account just got easier. You can use Wells Fargo Business Online to quickly and securely send transfers domestically and to more than 200 countries worldwide. You also have the option to send international wires in U.S. dollars or foreign currency.

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