Property Management and Homeowners Associations (California)

Wells Fargo Specialty Markets Group is pleased to offer homeowners associations (HOA) and property management companies in California superior products and services backed by the strength and security of Wells Fargo.

An Approach You Can Trust

Through Wells Fargo Specialty Markets Group, you will receive a high level of customer service, as well as leading-edge technology and innovative products and services designed to meet the specialized needs of our HOA and property management clients.

Local Servicing to Meet Your Needs

In addition to Wells Fargo’s convenient retail locations, Specialty Markets Group serves its property management and HOA customers locally through our servicing ‘hubs’ across California. We currently offer local service through dedicated Industry Specialists in the following California regions:

  • Sacramento/Northern California
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • San Jose/Peninsula
  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego

Tailored Services

Your Specialty Markets Industry Specialist is available to provide you with industry-specific knowledge to help resolve any issues that may arise and to answer any questions you may have. We offer a variety of time and money-savings options for our customers in the property management and HOA industry, including:

Checking and Savings

  • Customized Signature Card — Reduce the hassle of expanding your banking through our streamlined new account open process designed specifically for property management firms. Signature card stock is held in supply by the association or its management company, making it readily available for completion without delay.
  • Analyzed Interest Checking for Homeowners Association Reserves — Earn interest on your HOA deposits, while still participating in the analyzed account relationship maintained by your property management company.
  • Brokered Certificates of Deposit — Maximize yield while maintaining FDIC Insurance1 through our brokered Certificates of Deposits. These appeal to investors who are looking for steady, predictable income and a secure investment.

Managing Receivables

  • ACH Electronic Payment Processing Services — Increase collection rates, reduce paper handling, and save accounting time with Wells Fargo Automated Clearing House (ACH).
  • Accounts Receivable — Streamline the invoicing and collection of dues payments from your homeowners through our Accounts Receivable service. Let us handle the processing of your dues payments, leaving you the time to manage your associations. Our image remittance processing features multiple receipt options via check or ACH.
  • Desktop Deposit — Deposit checks right from your office. Designed to help you reap the benefits of Check 21 legislation, Wells Fargo Desktop Deposit service improves cash flow and reporting, while reducing the time, costs, and risks of physically transporting check deposits. All you need is a scanner, a computer, and an Internet connection.
  • Lockbox — Accelerate the collection of your paper checks through Wells Fargo's Lockbox service. Lockbox intercepts your customers' mailed payments, processes and deposits them into your account, reporting those deposits back to you quickly and accurately.

Online Banking

  • Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) — Get quick access to accounts, reports and make transfers and stop payment through our award-winning Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®). Wells Fargo is known for its world class treasury management products and the Commercial Electronic Office® is the lynchpin of our product offerings.

Reporting and Fraud Prevention

  • Returned Item Reporting — Earlier access to returned item information improves the efficiency of your check processing, increases your collection rates and helps reduce your exposure to fraud. Make it easier with our detailed returned item activity reports, which provide up-to-date information on the items affecting your deposit accounts.
  • Fraud Prevention Tools — Protect your accounts and reduce your exposure to fraud through the use of our many fraud prevention tools. Our dual control processes on wire and other transactions, Positive Pay and ACH Fraud Filter can combine to increase your fraud controls and prevent unauthorized transactions on all your accounts.

Call Today

  • Sacramento/San Francisco/San Jose: 1-888-256-3930
  • Los Angeles/Orange County: 1-800-633-2833
  • San Diego: 1-866-635-3188