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Non-Profit Organizations

Wells Fargo is dedicated to helping non-profit organizations fulfill their mission by providing financial services that support the unique needs of charitable institutions. Wells Fargo works with the full spectrum of non-profit organizations including:

  • Educational, environmental and scientific organizations
  • Religious groups
  • Health and human service providers including children's organizations
  • Cultural and artistic institutions
  • Membership groups such as credit unions, fraternal organizations and homeowners associations
  • Family foundations

Wells Fargo itself has a long history of community involvement. Through the Wells Fargo Foundation, we support a vast number of non-profit causes — and understand the needs of non-profit entities from the inside out. The financial strength of Wells Fargo is validated further by its triple-A credit rating, giving you confidence that your organization is working with a financially-sound bank rooted in each community that it serves. You can apply on line for many of these services, others are more complex and we recommend speaking with one of our bankers. You can apply in person or call 1-800-416-8658.

Business Banking Services

Like any business, non-profit organizations need banking services to help manage cash flow and to maximize the return on savings and investments. Whether your non-profit is small or large, Wells Fargo's cash management services can meet your needs cost-effectively. Compare our business checking accounts and savings accounts.

Wells Fargo Business Online® Banking provides online access to all your accounts. Monitor balances, transfer funds, and make payments online anytime, anywhere. Our online statements, check images and view-only access, so that you can give access to someone else to reconcile your accounts, make this an unparalleled service.

While many non-profits are run entirely through the efforts of dedicated volunteers, some groups employ paid staff. If you outsource your payroll, Payroll Services can provide these services. If you manage your payroll in-house, or via a bookkeeper, our online Direct Pay service is a cost-effective, efficient solution, giving you more time to focus on your mission.

Retirement Plans for Non-Profits

Wells Fargo offers a variety of retirement plans suitable for non-profit organizations. These include 403(b) Plans designed specifically for qualified non-profit entities. 403(b) plans allow employees to defer portions of their salaries in order to invest in mutual funds and annuities for retirement. For assistance in determining which plan is best for your organization and for setting up a plan, call 1-866-243-0931.

Increasing Donations and Investment Management

Non-profits rely upon donations from individuals and foundations and upon investment income to fund their activities and further their mission.

Many non-profits accept credit and debit card payments for contributions. Not only is this useful for one-time gifts but it can enable recurring contributions with minimal effort from the donor and the receiving organization. Whether you wish to accept credit or debit card contributions online, over the phone, or in person, Wells Fargo Merchant Services can make this possible.