Take a Tour: Online Bill Pay

Paying bills doesn't have to be time-consuming. Just add the Bill Pay service to your Wells Fargo Online®  through Quicken® Premier service and you can pay all of your bills with Quicken. You can also set up future and recurring payments.

Go to the Online Center found under the Online drop-down menu.

  1. Click Payments tab.
  2. Choose a payee from the drop-down menu and a dollar amount.
  3. If the payee is not on the list, then click the Payees tab and add the payee.
  4. Enter the delivery date. This is the date the payment will be received by the payee and funds are withdrawn from your account.
  5. After payment is entered click Update/Send.

    The One Step Update dialog box will open.

  6. Check the boxes of the payments, transfers or download transaction requests to send to Wells Fargo.
  7. Enter your Wells Fargo Online® Password .
  8. Click Update Now to send payment.