Direct Pay

Direct Pay through Wells Fargo Business Online® is an online payment solution designed specifically for time-sensitive payments. Pay employees by direct deposit (compare payroll solutions) and pay vendors as fast as the next business day. Direct Pay payments are made electronically, eliminating the expense and hassle of paying employees and vendors by check or domestic wire. Direct Pay is convenient, secure, and fast.

What You Can Do

Schedule payments to be received by the date you specify

  • Pay employees, contractors (1099), and sales agents by direct deposit, including net pay, bonuses, commissions and expense reimbursements
  • Pay invoices with early-payment discounts confidently, knowing funds will be received on time
  • Help maximize cash flow by making large payments next business day—funds remain in your account until the date payment is sent

How It Works

  • Funds are directly deposited to the U.S. bank accounts of employees and vendors
  • RSA SecurID® device and Advanced Access authentication provide an additional layer of security
  • Multiple access levels allow you to delegate work while maintaining control over disbursements
  • Payee information is stored online, streamlining future payments

Discover How Easy It Is

Take a tour of Direct Pay.


Direct Pay access costs $10 per monthly billing cycle.

Direct Pay payments to non-Wells Fargo personal bank accounts are $.50 per payment. There are no per-payment charges for Direct Pay payments made to Wells Fargo personal bank accounts.

All Direct Pay payments made to business bank accounts are $3 each.

How To Enroll

You must have the following to enroll in Direct Pay:

  • A qualifying Wells Fargo Business Checking account
  • Wells Fargo Business Online
  • A valid mobile phone number
  • A valid email address

Already a Wells Fargo Business Online customer? Simply sign on to access online banking and select Direct Pay for Business under the Transfers & Payments menu.

Not a Wells Fargo Business Online customer? Learn more about the many benefits, or enroll now through Wells Fargo Business Online, or contact your Business Banker at 1-888-245-8454.

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