Check Images and Returned Item Deposit Details

Check Images Access

Access images of checks online for free with Wells Fargo Business Online®. Check Images are an easy, convenient way to simplify your filing and get the information you need when you need it. Simplify your filing system by cutting down on paper storage and filing check images electronically. For more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

With Check Images, you can:

  • View images of checks for up to 90 days after they post to your account.
  • Verify the check payee, the amount, and when it was cashed.
  • Download and save images of checks anytime you need them.

Returned Item & Deposit Details

You no longer need to wait to receive information related to returned items and deposits by mail. With Returned Item & Deposit Details, you can access detailed information and images of returned items and deposits online as soon as they post to your account.

With Returned Item & Deposit Details, you can:

  • Quickly verify deposit information by accessing images and critical details, such as the date, total amount and banking location where transactions are processed, through Wells Fargo Business Online
  • Access timely notification of returned items, including bad checks, directly from your Account Activity screen
  • Simplify filing by viewing, printing and saving images of returned items, deposit slips and deposited checks