eBills (Electronic Bills)

eBills are online versions of your paper invoices and bills that you receive, review, and pay through Business Bill Pay. You'll save paper and time! Best of all, eBills are free with your Business Bill Pay service.

When you get eBills through Business Bill Pay, you can:

  • Receive and pay eBills from hundreds of local and national companies such as your phone company, cable TV, department stores, and more.
  • Receive email alerts when eBills are received, before they're due and when your electronic payments are sent.
  • Get convenient online access to your bills, so you don't have to keep track of paper bills.
  • Set up automatic payments for eBills, even if the amount varies month to month.

How it works

While in Business Bill Pay, you can set up eBills for a new or existing payee. Then we'll notify you by email when we have received your electronic bill. You can view your eBills within your Business Bill Pay service or print them at your convenience.

Some payees will stop sending paper bills after you set up eBills, and some payees will continue to send you paper bills — it depends on the payee.

Look for this icon when adding your payees to find the companies that offer electric bill delivery.

How to sign up

Sign up for Business Bill Pay. Then, once you sign on, you can activate eBills for many of your payees.

Need more information about eBills? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.