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Reading Your Statement

Each month, Wells Fargo Merchant Services sends you your merchant card processing statement. It provides you with a record of submitted transactions and transfers to your bank account. Your merchant card processing statement is a great reconciliation tool.

There are two ways to receive your monthly statements. You can choose to receive them by:
  • Mail1
  • Online, if you enrolled for our online reporting service, ClientLine®, available to our customers 24/7, at no extra cost. On ClientLine, you can view your monthly statement days before it is available by mail, by simply selecting "Funding" and "Monthly Statement" from the toolbar. Find out more about ClientLine.
If you have multiple locations or merchant accounts, we offer you several statement options to best meet your reporting needs. For instance, you may choose to receive a recap of all locations and a statement for each of them sent to your company’s headquarters. Alternatively, you can opt to have the statements mailed to each location with the recap mailed to your headquarters. To find out more about all statement printing and mailing options, please contact us at 1-800-451-5817, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please review the statement and information below to understand the items on your statement and where you can find certain types of information to reconcile your merchant card processing account.

Sample Statement

Sample Merchant Statement

Key Card Processing Terms in Plain Language

Total Amount You Submitted – The total dollar amount of card transactions submitted and processed during the Statement Period.

Third-Party Transactions – These are transactions that are passed directly to third party service providers for processing and/or funding. Common third-parties include American Express® and Discover®.

Chargebacks/Reversals – Those transactions that are challenged or disputed by a cardholder or card-issuing bank. A Chargeback equals the transaction amount that is disputed by the cardholder or card-issuing bank. A Reversal is the amount that was initially resolved against the merchant, but has subsequently been resolved in favor of the merchant.

Adjustments – The amounts added to or deducted from your account to resolve processing and billing discrepancies.

Fees Charged – Transaction-based and/or fixed amounts charged for specific card processing services.
Interchange Charges – These are the variable fees char ged by card payment networks for processing transactions. Factors that affect Interchange Charges include card type, information contained in the transaction, and how/when th e transaction was processed.

Total Amount Processed – The total amount processed is the dollar amount that Wells Fargo Merchant Services deposits into your bank account for the statement period, net of third pa rty transactions, adjustments, fees, and chargebacks/reversals. Please note that some fees shown on this statement may not be deducted from your account until several business days after receip t of this statement.

Merchant Number – The unique account number assigned to every merchant and merchant location. You'll find it at the top of your statement.
1 Fees apply for statements delivered by mail.